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Dr Rhoda Trimingham

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Senior Lecturer

Dr Rhoda Trimingham PhD, Ba (Hons) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Design and Technology and a member of the Sustainable Design Research Group.

Dr Trimingham contributes to a range of teaching within the department including teaching on core 1st year Design Practice and Design Context modules, 2nd year Design Week, and the 2nd year optional Sustainable Design module.

Her research interests lie in sustainable design generally but specifically developing methods and tools for designers, design education and moving from products to services and systems as well as a keen interest in sustainable packaging. Her research has included working collaboratively with organisations such as, Practical Action and Boots on ecodesign focused research projects.

More specifically she has contributed to the development of the ‘The Sustainability Handbook’ – a collection of resources for teachers, and ‘SortED’ - a tool aimed at designers/managers to guide companies through the end of life decision options available to meet the requirements of the WEEE directive.

She has recently investigated the area of solutions, services and systems for sustainability through a collaborative research project to investigate refillable packaging systems and was the principle investigator on the 'Co2ncept' project, an EPSRC funded, project looking at carbon footprinting for designers and co-investigator for an EMDA funded Innovation Fellowship which continues the work done on refillable packaging systems.

She is currently the UK Academic on the GDEE project, an initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD).

Dr Trimingham also leads the Design Research Societies Sustainability Special Interest Group (SustainabilitySIG) which can be found on LinkedIn.

  • DSA002      Design Practice 2 (Module Leader)
  • DSB018      Sustainable Design
  • DTB001      EcoDesign Week
  • DSP861      Masters Design Practice

Dr Trimingham is a member of the Sustainable Design Research Group which carries out leading edge research into issues affecting sustainability within a design context.


The Global Dimension in Engineering Education’ -GDEE- is an initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduates and postgraduates students in technical universities related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD) and its relationship with technology. This is being dealt with by integrating SHD as cross-cutting issue in teaching activities by improving the competences of academics and through engaging both staff and students in initiatives related to SHD (

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Key areas of expertise: Sustainable Packaging; Methods and Tools for Sustainable Design; Industrial Design;  Sustainable design education; Global Development; Sustainable product Service Systems