Wei Zhou

  • Doctoral Researcher

Wei Zhou got her master's degree in industrial design and technology from Loughborough Design School. Wei's study focuses on humanized intelligent furniture design and elderly user experience analysis and the research and development of walking AIDS. During Wei's master degree period, she was privileged to participate in a cooperative project between Loughborough Design School and British Telecom, named "Connected" wearable device project for the elderly, and followed up the whole process as a member of the user research and ergonomics analysis team.

Title of thesis: Developing a conflict model to explore the human factors requirements behind Mobility Scooter-related conflict.

Wei's research background is industrial design and technology, and the major focuses on ergonomics research related to the elderly and the disabled. As more and more people use mobility scooter, the number of conflict related to them is increasing rapidly. This study aims to identify human factors affecting the road safety of mobility scooter users by exploring the interaction and conflict between mobility scooter users and other road sharers, then support the design to improve the product and use environment. This study will analyse the conflicts existing in the use of MMS. Based on the conflict theory, to further explore how to improve the social inclusion between MMS users and public through the redesign of environment, products and usage methods.

Supervisors: Sharon Cook, Mark Evans.