Augusta Philippou

MA Textiles Design Innovation (Nottingham Trent University)
BA Textiles Innovation and Design (Loughborough University)

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher

Augusta studied her BA in Textiles Design at Loughborough University before working as a knitted accessories designer for a range of commercial customers. After working in the high street fashion industry for a few years, she was motivated to reconnect with slow textiles practice and completed her MA in Textiles Design Innovation at Nottingham Trent University; specialising in print with embroidery.

During the master's work explored engagement with materials and the sentimentality of making. Exploring the transformative qualities of textiles during workshops for community groups of people living with dementia. Observing the way that textiles processes could be used to strengthen social connections and reduce feelings of social isolation in participants.

Currently based in the Midlands, she is undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University. Also, working as a visiting tutor on the Textiles Design BA at Loughborough, a freelance embroidery assistant Alexander McQueen and as a visiting print tutor for Leicester Print Workshop.

Thesis title: Can the use of repetitive textiles processes improve well-being to become an alternative model of treatment; aiming to prevent cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s Disease?

"Textiles Interventions for Dementia: A study of process-based textiles workshops as a form of participatory intervention for adults living with dementia."

The research aims to examine the efficacy of textiles-based workshops in a community setting for people living with dementia, measuring changes in cognition, psychosocial well-being, behavior, and quality of life in participants.

Supervisors: Dr Chetna Prajapati, Dr Kerri Akiwowo and Dr David Maidment