Nick Aikman

Nick Aikman

  • Three Dimensional Design University Teacher

Nick Aikman has a Master of Arts Degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from the Royal College of Art. For some years after graduation, he specialised in making precious and non-precious jewellery to commission and for exhibition. He also has experience working with larger scale architectural metalwork and as an industrial design consultant. His practical knowledge and experience covers work on a wide range of scales, in metal, wood, plastic and many other materials He has taught at Loughborough since 1980.

Nick was part of the committee that set-up the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.

Current research interests centre on the art medal, particularly as an expressive medium for applied artists, and as a format for developing new techniques and processes.

Aikman, NRS., 'What do you want - a medal?' The art medal as an opportunity for craft practice. Pending. An article proposing that the format of the art medal offers a relevant and challenging opportunity to applied artists and craft practitioners.

Aikman, NRS., Black Sun. Cast bronze medal. Online exhibition. Sofia, Bulgaria. 2013.

Aikman, NRS., Toxic. Cast bronze medal. Exhibition. Birmingham School of Jewellery. June 2011. Catalogue ISBN 13978-0-9558895-3-0.

Aikman, NRS., Cutting Indoor balsa Sheet. The 42nd Annual Report of the National Free Flight Society, Symposium 2009. NFFS America. Davis California. July 2009. ISBN68-55344.

SAA 302 Communicating Concepts (2)
SAA 304 Design - A Process of Negotiation (2)
NYC 310 Consolidating Interests (1)
SAC 310 Consolidating Interests (1)