Dr Ken Ri Kim is a Lecturer in Textiles: Innovation and Design. She completed her PhD in 2014 at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She developed an innovative Jacquard weaving procedure through the experiment-based research, which encompasses colour, material, and texture initiation. Her research interest are smart weaving procedures utilising digital technology for productive, functional, and yet aesthetic woven textiles.

Her novel Jacquard fabrics have won several international design awards and her weaving methods/applications have been published in SCI and SCOPUS listed journals. Ken Ri looks for opportunities to collaborate with artists, designers, and companies so to interchange and inspire culturally, socially, and economically.

Her professional work experiences in the textiles and clothing industry including art and design practice, fashion buying and merchandising, and global production sourcing, became a solid foundation for her to combine theories and practice.

Her weaving research has centred on colour, texture innovation for woven Jacquard textiles. The research has been focused on expanding an accessible scope of weave colours with a limited number of filling yarns. Her unique method of ‘visualization of the applied weave structure and patterning theories’ has assisted in solving the current Jacquard weaving problems, and thus, her novel woven Jacquard fabrics have been introduced for the first time.

Her future research involves innovative production process, digital transformation, and wearable technology.


AHRC - “Novel digital weaving application development to innovate the current woven textile coloration by developing an optical yarn colour mixing”. Working with Hong Kong Polytechnic University (£199K).

  • AC613 - Textiles: Process and Exploration
  • AC621 - Materials, Processes and Conceptual Application
  • AC622 - Sampling and Textile Manufacture
  • AC633 - Innovation, Exploration and Invention
  • AC632 - Final Project: Textiles Studio Practice