Ben's background is in fine art practice specialising in painting, but over the past two decade he has moved into creative digital technologies and, most recently, photography. He is an experimentalist covering diverse areas from photographic imaging, web design, video to 2/3D drawing & modelling that are not sited within a particular specialism, but work with a wider remit of the creative industries and other academic subjects outside the humanities.


Ben has a degree in Fine Art and a MA in Photograph. Ben's current scholarship is based in the Studio of Light where a team of academics and researchers are investigating the use of noble metals in traditional photographic printing and other alternative hybrid analogue/digital imaging processes.

Studio of Light 

Online Portfolio

Ben currently teaches creative digital technologies to Graphic Communication, and Illustration Textiles and Fine Art undergraduate programmes in the School.

  • SAA801 Visual Research in Practice
  • SAA612 Design Development for Textiles
  • SAA802 Visual Methods in Practice
  • SAA613 Textiles: Process and Exploration
  • SAB114 Locating Fine Art Practice
  • SAB115 Reflective Fine Art Practice
  • SAB621 Materials, Processes and Conceptual Application
  • SAB804 Locating Practice: Interpreting Environments and Audiences
  • SAC807 Synergising Directions in Graphic Communication and Illustration Practice
  • SAC808 Industrial Intelligence in Graphic Communication and Illustration Practice
  • SAC633 Textiles: Innovation, Exploration and Invention