Rachel graduated with a BA (Hons) in Education with British Psychology Society Graduate Basis for Registration. She has worked in the area of road safety since 2004 and is currently a Research Associate in the Design School.

She has contributed to a range of road safety projects including a number of European Commission supported and Department for Transport sponsored projects. This includes work relating to the development of real world crash investigation and crash causation methodologies. 

Rachel is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

Rachel has been involved in a variety of research activities.   She has assisted in the development of recommendations for road investigations in the European Union and the analysis of the causes of road traffic crashes as part of the SafetyNet project. In addition Rachel has analysed in depth crash data for cyclists who have sustained fatal injuries and developed countermeasures and recommendations for future avoidance and mitigation of such crashes.

Other work includes; assessing the impact of the Mobility Centres (Driving assessment) in the UK; developing naturalistic driving studies (PROLOGUE, DaCoTA); examining road safety policy making processes in Europe (DaCoTA) and the journey to work for the older workforce (Working Late).

Research Interests

Driver cognition and behaviour; Accident Causation; Driver mobility; UK and European road safety policy.

Rachel contributes to the Mind at Work module (DSA114).