Emma Tarasenko

MA Culture Studies at Higher School of Economics dual Warsaw University
BA Philosophy at Novosibirsk State University

Pronouns: They/them
  • Doctoral Researcher

Emma is a Doctoral Researcher, and Tutor with two years of college and higher education teaching experience across Russia and Poland.

She holds a BA degree in Philosophy and an MA degree in Visual and Cultural studies (Higher School of Economics, Moscow dual Artes Liberalis, University of Warsaw). Her MA thesis was dedicated to the visual representation of complex and controversial urban historical heritage in Warsaw.

During her undergrad, she assisted in the organization of facilitation sessions for diverse communities.

In her Ph.D., she aims to transfer her wide theoretical background to practical based studies focused on new forms of interaction in the urban environment. Her Ph.D. research follows visual communication about the complex topics of data awareness and digital privacy.

Title of thesis: Citizen-centred interfaces as smart city alternatives Using participatory practices and digital technologies to increase citizens’ engagement and awareness of the role of data in the contemporary city.

The thesis explores the controversial topic of communication about data and privacy in the urban environment.

Using a participatory design approach and interdisciplinary methods it aims
to design a clear, engaging, and understandable way for introducing data to the everyday life of diverse urban communities

Supervisors: Dr Robert Tovey, Dr Robert Harland.