Jikun Yin

MSc Integrated Industrial Design at Loughborough University
BA Product Design (Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China)

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher

Jikun Yin is a doctoral researcher focusing on inclusive design, user-centered design, design for older adults before and after retirement, and technology development. Jikun has a background in Industrial Design and when she was doing a Master of Science at Loughborough University, she found the inclusive design course led by Dr. Emilene Zitkus caught her passion. Thus, she decided to continue to explore this direction with the support of her supervisors. This year, Jikun has focused on the literature review and specification of her topic. She will start her survey next year with the United Kingdom and Chinese elderly.

Title of thesis: Countering design exclusion: Increasing the acceptability of new technologies for older people in the workplace

Jikun's research aims to discover what made older adults excluded by technology development and help elder against the expend of the digital divide. The goal is to support older adults to engage in digital services and online socializing, from which they can benefit the daily life that they deserve to have.

Supervisors: Dr Emilene Zitkus, Dr Martin Maguire.