Elena Fratini

  • Doctoral Researcher

I studied product design engineering at Liverpool John Moores University. My interest has always been in designing better product that effectively and safely fit into people lives which has then led me as a graduate to follow a masters degree in Ergonomics (Human Factors) at Loughborough University.

I chose Loughborough University due to its Human Factors MSc being accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and being taught by world-leading academics as well for its ergonomics facilities.

During my master I really enjoyed gaining a deeper understanding of the ergonomics and doing research in the area - especially with regards to transports safety - which has made me wanting to further pursue my studies in the area on a PhD level.

Thesis title: Driverless cars and pedestrians in context: How will they communicate on real roads?

I belong to the Transport Safety Research Centre, working alongside leading specialists in the area and my research focus is the interaction between road users and connected automated vehicles. Autonomous vehicles will soon be realities in existing mobility environments and are predicted to improved drastically road’s safety by reducing the number of accidents caused by human error. As these technologies are developed, it is important to understand the implications that their deployment will bring - with a special focus on the other road users’ safety - which makes investigating how the users’ interaction with road vehicles will evolve with greater levels of automation a key aspect to be investigated.

Supervisors: Ruth Welsh, Professor Pete Thomas.