Sally Yates

  • Technical Tutor in Printed Textiles/Dyeing Textile Design

Sally Yates manages the print room workshops and dye lab along with a dedicated team of technical staff. She has specialist knowledge of printing and dyeing a wide range of fabrics, yarns and materials. Colour matching and printing skills have been acquired and built upon over 20 years and involve the mixing of dyes and print pastes to produce recipes for colour palettes. Sally has extensive knowledge of dyes and their application including acid, direct, procion, disperse and synthetic dyes, together with vat dye for discharge printing and indigo shibori techniques.

Sally has further technical expertise in setting designs in to repeat to produce printed lengths of fabric. Her expertise in other textile processes includes the production of surface qualities such as devore, foiling, flocking and heat setting synthetics. Sally’s teaching involves the delivery of a comprehensive induction programme to textile students with the emphasis being on quality and professional finish of work produced, ensuring students acquire a high level of technical skills in dyeing, printing and textile processes.


Sally has experience in dyeing fabric ranges for industry and producing printed fabric designs for fashion, interiors and wall paper.

  • SAB621 Materials, Process and Conceptual Application
  • SAB622 Sampling and Textile Manufacture
  • SAC631 Process and innovation
  • SAC632 Final project

Hub responsibilities also involve technical assistance required by PGT PGR and a supporting role for research activity and enterprise.