Dr Alis Iacob

Pronouns: She/her

PhD: Creativity Assessment in Design Higher Education (De Montfort University)
MA Design Management (De Montfort University)

  • University Teacher

Alis Iacob is a University Teacher in the School of Design and Creative Arts at Loughborough University/ BA Graphic Design Department. Interested in UX/UI Design, Alis is an experienced academic, fellow of the HEA and holds a PhD in Creativity Assessment from De Montfort University. With a professional interest in responsible/ethical design Alis is currently combining her research interests with the practical applications of design by running her graphic design business.

Quantifying Creativity in Design: a quasi experimental approach | Review of Social Studies Journal | 11/1/2018

Creativity research studies have been predominately focused on adopting methodologies rooted in psychology. Employing various psychometric approaches, experts use sophisticated statistical tools to understand the multifaceted aspects of creativity (Long, 2004). Quantitative methodologies dominate the field of research, specifically creativity metrics which seem to be contingent on psychometric enquirers that primarily test creative thinking. Experts now imply that disagreement on some of the key issues within creativity assessment and measurement could indicate a lack of methodological diversity (Hove 2004). As such, this study proposes an adapted quasi-experimental approach. A game-like task (CBoard©) has been developed in order to generate design outcomes in an attempt to quantify a creativity dimension: flexibility. The step-by- step proposed model is a methodological approach that could be applied to the study of creativity in domains that exist outside psychology.