Claire Hysom

BA Textiles Innovation and Design at Loughborough University

Pronouns: She/her
  • Weave Technical Tutor


Claire Hysom has been weaving for over 10 years as part of her personal practice, BA in Textiles Innovation and Design from Loughborough University and her successive job roles within the Education and Textiles industries. She has supported students in many different contexts from workshop-based teaching to personal tutorials and supporting classes as part of the knitting and stitching show.

Claire's own creative work is focused on technical understanding of woven fabrics and materials with an additional interest in sustainable circular design.

Claire's work at Loughborough University includes; teaching students how to weave and supporting students with their woven practice. In addition she is responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment including a range of different looms, warping mills and winders as well as weaving and maintaining the university's electronic Jacquard loom.


Joint Winner of De Montfort Universities Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities Research and Teaching Awards 2022 for Innovation, Adaptable Lecturer.