Dr Stefania Laccu

Pronouns: She/her
  • University Teacher

Research groups and centres


Doctor of Philosophy in Creative Arts - Loughborough University, Loughborough, Current

Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Art - De Montfort University, Leicester, 2016 – 2021
Research Title: Material Correspondence Method, a practice-based research on Functional Somatic Symptom (FSS) and Somatic Symptom Disorder (SSD) in a group of young women through painting.

Master (First Class with Honours) in Fine Art - Academy of Fine Art of Venice, Italy, 2011 – 2014
Thesis Subject: Art and Mental Health based on creative practice

Bachelor (First Class with Honours) in Fine Art- Academy of Fine Art of Florence, Italy, 2006 – 2009
Thesis Subject: Art and psychology based on creative practice


Grant for Artistic Practice & Exhibitions, Welcome Trust

Acquisitions of three paintings from the Series Somatic Identities and one from the Series Phantasmagories, The Innovation Centre, De Montfort University, 2019

Prisma International Art, 1st Edition, Cash Prize for Somatic Landscapes, Series no.1, 2019

Cash Prize for a Selection of Paintings from Somatic Identities Series, Leicester Society of Artists (LSA), 2017

Publications, Conferences, & Presentations:

‘The painting’s body and the somatising human body, a relational space’ (2020). Paper to be presented at Making Space – International Conference - The Association for Medical Humanities (AMH): Medical and Health Humanities in Practice. University of Limerick, Ireland.

‘The Formation of Psychosomatic Selves, enacting subjectivities in painting’ (2019). Paper presented at Borderline VI Conference, De Montfort University. [Available from ResearchGate.net].

‘Degrees of Shadow: the controversy around the construction and the communication of tacit knowledge in practice-based research’ (2019). Paper presented at the Degrees of Shadow Conference, De Montfort University, with the participation of Professor Timothy Ingold. [Available from ResearchGate.net].

‘Painting In-between Personhood and Objecthood, the Premises for an Expanded Painting's Medium Theory’ (2019). Paper presented at the annual conference of Association for Art History, University of Brighton. [Available from ResearchGate.net].

The Gallery – De Montfort University, Leicester, solo show titled Painting In-between Personhood and Objecthood, co-curated with Hugo Worthy, art curator, (2020).

David Wilson Library – University of Leicester. Solo show titled ‘Hers’, co-curated by Dr Marie Nugent, Health Matters community engagement team and the Welcome Trust ISSF Public Engagement Scheme, and Dr Simon Dixon, Head of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Leicester, (2020).

286 Gallery – London, The Imaging & Displays Research Group (IDRG) - Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT), Leicester, curated by Professor Martin Richardson, Head of the Holography School at De Montfort University, and Jonathan Ross, Head of Jonathan Ross Hologram Collection, (2020).

Medical Humanities Building – University of Leicester, Leicester, solo show titled ‘Mine, Yours, ours’, co-curated with Dr Nuala Morse, Lecturer and Programme Director in Museum Studies, and Dr Marie Nugent, (2020).

‘Somatic Selves, a phenomenological approach within painting on a group of women experiencing somatic symptoms and related disorders’ (2019). Paper presented at the Exeter Medical Humanities Conference, University of Exeter. [Available from ResearchGate.net].

‘Degrees of Shadow: the controversy around the construction and the communication of tacit knowledge in practice-based research’ (2019). Keynote Professor Timothy Ingold. De Montfort University.

George Davis Centre – Leicester Medical School – University of Leicester, solo show titled ‘Phantasmagories’ curated by Dr Marie Nugent, (2019).

Attenborough Arts Centre (AAC), Leicester, solo show titled ‘Somatic Identities’ curated by Zoe Bromberg-Mccarthy, curator at AAC - The Balcony, (2019).

Attenborough Arts Centre (AAC), Leicester, collective show titled Destress Festival curated by G. Sian, independent curator and former Associate Director of AAC, (2018).

The British Psychological Society (2018). A 'DeStress Fest' in Leicester - Head to the University of Leicester's Attenborough Arts Centre. The Psychologist, Vol. no. 31, p. 85.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester Society of Artists (LSA) collective show curated by LSA, (2017).

Two Queens, collective show curated by De Montfort University, Leicester, (2017).

Quantum Consciousness: a practice-based research through Painting, Holography and VR.