AbdulAziz Alsayegh

  • Doctoral Researcher

AbdulAziz Alsayegh graduated with a BSc in Interior Design from Kuwait University in 2007. His most recent academic degree was MSc in Interior Design from Lawrence Tech University at the United States of America in 2012. AbdulAziz has an interest of how people interact with their environment during wayfinding and whether this interaction affect their emotions or not.

AbdulAziz included the following areas of science (wayfinding, user experience, and emotions) to start the PhD research at Loughborough University. He intends to create and evaluate a comprehensive guidance showing factors that help designers creating better environments of a university campus outdoor environment, that can enhance students’ emotional experience.

Thesis title: Exploring the impact of a university campus environmental design on enhancing students' emotional experience during wayfinding.

The PhD research focuses on how an environmental design of a university campus can affect and enhance students' emotional experience during wayfinding. This will be approached by evaluating British and International students' navigation from one point to another within university campus outdoor environment. It will also focus on forming a comprehensive guidance, which includes key factors of the university campus environmental design that have the most effect on students’ emotional experience during wayfinding. The outcomes of this research can also be applied to other environments with similar layout.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew May and Dr Luke Harmer.