Grainne Kelly

Pronouns: She/her

BSc Chemical Engineering

  • Doctoral Researcher

Grainne is a mature, part-time student who began her PhD in October 2020. Although she originally trained and worked as a chemical engineer in industrial manufacturing, her career has focused on health and safety for over 25 years. She has ran her own business for over 20 years, providing health and safety support for both SMEs and large businesses.

Thesis title: Occupational safety and health in small and micro businesses.

Grainne's research aims to identify the factors that influence the effectiveness of the support offered by occupational health and safety consultants (OHSCs) to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs; businesses with fewer than 250 employees).

The broad objectives are to identify how the work method (both in terms of developing and agreeing the proposal, as well as actively completing the work), the quality and content of the work provided by consultants and the relationship between the parties (both corporate and individual), can be improved, with the ultimate objective of sustainably improving health and safety performance in SMEs.

Supervisors: Patrick Waterson, Michael Fray.