Micheala Lawes

  • Doctoral Researcher

Micheala graduated with First Class Honours in BSc Psychology from the University of South Wales and then went to achieve a master’s degree (MSc) in Human Factors at Loughborough University.

Micheala’s previous research projects have included examining problem-solving ability in office workers and investigating combined effects of high-altitude and mental-fatigue on physical and cognitive performance.

In addition to her PhD, Micheala works as a Business Psychologist.

Title of thesis: Thermal comfort in vehicles: The influence of ethnicity

Micheala is currently part of the Environmental Ergonomics Research Group. Her PhD is co-sponsored by Nissan Motor Corporation and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It examines the psychological and physiological factors that contribute to a person's level of thermal comfort inside the vehicle environment and how it varies across ethnicities.

Supervisors: Dr Simon Hodder, Professor George Havenith.