Dr James Bowen

Pronouns: He/him
  • University Teacher in Fine Art

Dr James Bowen is a teacher and practice-based researcher of Fine Art specialising in Drawing in the Expanded Field. James is an active member of the Drawing Research Group at Loughborough University.

In 2023, James Bowen completed his PhD at Loughborough University titled 'Voice as a Tool for Drawing'. Through this research James explored a series of vocalisation acts through a range of technologies and environments. This research was underpinned by a hypothesis that by investigating voice as a drawing tool the ambiguity inherent in drawing could be problematised further through the instability and potential of voice in its contingent non-graphic traces. Through his ongoing research, James continues to investigate the intersection of drawing and sound.

ACA113 Writing for Practice
ACA130 Introduction to Contemporary Practice and Theory 1
ACA131 Introduction to Contemporary Practice and Theory 2
ACA133 Exploring Practice and Theory 1
ACA135 Exploring Practice and Theory 2
ACB113 Reflective Fine Art Practice 
ACB931 Contemporary Art and Theory
ACC116 Resolving Fine Art Practice
ACC118 Fine Art Practice: Final Project

James welcomes applications for PhD researchers in the field of Fine Art with an emphasis on drawing, installation, and/or moving image.

Current PhD supervisions:

  • Erinn M. Cox: Presence in Absence as Presence: A studio enquiry into the relationship between loneliness and jewellery (provisional title)