Dr Stuart Cockbill

MDES Consumer Product Design; MSc Inclusive Design

  • Research Associate

Stuart is a Research Associate on the DICE project and member of the User Centred Design Research Group.

Stuart holds a First Class MDES in Consumer Product Design and an MSc with Distinction in Inclusive Design, both awarded by Coventry University. Stuart has a broad range of research and design expertise, gained throughout his studies and several years of hands-on experience working for a number of small design consultancies and as a freelance designer. Stuart has applied a variety of user centred methods early on in the research and design process, collaborating with end users to identify their needs before developing solutions.

Stuart furthered his research interests by undertaking a PhD entitled ‘The role of co-design in supporting energy-related retrofit by householders’ at Loughborough University, alongside a 3 year EPSRC funded research project (REFIT). Stuart’s doctoral research took a mixed methods approach, applying both traditional and creative research methods to explore the role and impact of co-design when applied to the design and development of future energy-related retrofit service propositions. In his PhD, Stuart designed and tested creative and participative tools embedded in an iterative design process to gain deeper insights into householders’ energy-related retrofit decisions, providing empirical evidence of the impact and effectiveness of co-design.

Stuart has also supported a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Loughborough Design School including: Second Year Design Practice, Interaction Design, User Experience Design, and Service Design for Social Innovation.

Stuart’s current research on the DICE project is investigating improving rail passenger’s customer experience using personal data, with specific focus on the use of creative design research methods (see ‘research’ section for further details on the DICE project).

DICE is a 3-year EPSRC funded project involving 4 partnering UK Universities: The University of Surrey, Loughborough University, Royal Holloway University of London, and the University of Southampton.

The aim of the DICE project is to achieve an enhanced customer experience for rail travellers during a journey by making use of personal data, balanced against the need to ensure privacy for customers and to provide assurances of the authenticity and history of the data for the companies using it. This will be achieved through the development of an evaluation framework to enhance passengers understanding of how their personal data is used and how they can control its use, thus maximising trust in the service. DICE is an inter-disciplinary research programme, applying computer science solutions to an end-user-focussed challenge. The project is co-created through active engagement with stakeholders within the rail industry, with a particular focus, in the first instance, on rail passengers.


Co-design, Co-creation, Participatory Design, User Centred Design, Design Research, Insights & Opportunities Generation, Service Design, Consumer Product Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design & Visual Communication.