Betül Ṣahin

Pronouns: She/her
  • Doctoral Researcher


Title of thesis: Exploring the Application of Behaviour Change in the context of Product Service systems for Electronic Waste

Betül Ṣahin is a passionate design researcher with a keen interest in "change." Her doctoral studies revolve around the intersection of behaviour change and Product Service Systems, explicitly focusing on electronic waste. Holding a bachelor's and master's degree in industrial design, her previous research has explored product service systems, user experience, sustainability, and the experience over time.

With five years of experience as a teaching assistant, she has contributed to various courses, including model and prototype making, industrial design studio, semiotics and semiology in design, and basic design studio. She has actively assisted in structuring these courses, providing guidance and support to students.

Betül enjoys engaging in side projects and conducting research on diverse subjects, always seeking opportunities to learn from other researchers and engage in meaningful discussions. 

Supervisors: Dr Nikki Clark and Dr Debra Lilley