Alex Christiansen is a doctoral researcher at the University of Loughborough and is currently serving as the LSU Doctoral President for the 2021/22 academic year. Alex joined the university in 2019 as the first PhD studentship awarded to a project under Textual Futures and is expected to complete his work in 2022.

Prior to joining Loughborough, Alex completed two concurrent MA courses with Distinction in Discourse Studies (Lancaster University, UK) and Culture, Global Studies and Social Science (Aalborg University, Denmark) respectively. His primary areas of expertise are Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis, and he has a particular interest in Social Media and News.

Alex’s research investigates the utilisation of machine learning and AI in large-scale image/text corpora. Specifically, Alex is trying to broaden the often monomodal approach of corpus linguistics by providing researchers with a more approachable and methodologically sound way of constructing and analysing large collections of images without requiring sizable teams of annotators and funding.

Supervisors: Dr Jenny Fry and Dr Rob Tovey.