Dr Elisavet Argyro Manoli

BSc (Hons), MBA, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer in Sports Marketing and Communications

Following a career as a marketing practitioner in the sports industry, working with clubs such as AEK Athens and Middlesbrough FC, and events such as the Open European 470 Championships, Elisavet joined academia in 2013 when she commenced her PhD in Integrated Marketing Communications in Sports (Teesside University). She has since lectured in institutions such as Loughborough University, University of Liverpool, Teesside University, and UCFB, before joining Loughborough University as a Lecturer in Sports Marketing and Communications.

She holds a BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business, and an MBA Football Industries from the University of Liverpool.

Elisavet currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Scientific Association For Sport Management & Recreation.

Elisavet’s research has been published and presented widely, while she has also received funding from the British Academy, the Economic Social Research Council, and the European Union.

Elisavet has presented her work in the European Parliament, as well as in the European Commission Expert Group meetings on Sport Integrity. She has conducted research and authored the European Union Policy Report Mapping Corruption in EU Member States.

Elisavet’s research has been focused on marketing communications management practices, such as IMC, branding and CSR promotion in football. Following the recent scandals in Greek football, Elisavet has also conducted research on the match-fixing and economic mismanagement in Greek football clubs.

Research activities

  • Awarded funding by the European Union to explore sporting related match-fixing
  • Awarded funding by the European Union to investigate corruption in sport in the EU
  • Awarded funding by the Economic Social Research Council to explore young people’s perceptions of sport integrity
  • Awarded funding by the British Academy to investigate the implications of corruption in sports
  • Reviewer for the British Academy/Department For International Development Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Programme
  • Guest editor for the Journal of Strategic Marketing
  • Editorial board member of the International Journal of Sport Communications
  • Chair for the International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues
  • Reviewer for journals such as: International Journal of Advertising, Corporate Governance, Journal of Organised Crime
  • Reviewer for journals such as: European Sports Management Quarterly, Journal of Strategic Marketing, International Journal of Advertising, Corporate Governance, Journal of Organised Crime.

Selected Invited Conference Keynote Speaker and Presentations

  • Opening interventions delivered in  all European Commission Expert Groups on Sport Integrity
  • Presentation delivered to the European Commission Cluster Group in Brussels in December 2018
  • Speech delivered to the European Parliament on the Financial Aspects of Corruption in Sport in November 2017
  • Invited speaker: 'Communicating collaboratively; insights from English Premier League clubs', Workshop delivered to The Business and Governance of Football Organised by Manchester Metropolitan University, Wednesday 8th February 2017, Manchester, UK.
  • Invited speaker: 'Corruption in Greek football..is it inevitable?', Workshop delivered to Malmo University International Week, Tuesday 22nd November 2016, Malmo, Sweden.
  • Manoli, A.E. (2016) ‘Marketing communication practices that foster integration in football clubs’, paper presented at 22nd EASM, Warsaw, 07-10 September.
  • Kenyon J.A. & Manoli, A.E. (2016) ‘Event brand consistency at the Olympic Games’, paper presented at 2nd Colloquium of Centres for Olympic Studies and Research, Porto Alegre, 2-3 August.
  • Manoli, A.E. (2016) ‘Integration scenarios in football’, paper presented at 15th ICORIA Conference, Ljubljana, 30 June - 02 July.
  • Manoli, A.E. & Antonopoulos, G. (2016) ‘Corrupt practices in Greek football’, paper presented at 17th Cross-Border Crime Colloquium, Newcastle, 26-28 June.
  • Kenyon J. A., Manoli A. E., & Bodet G. S. P. (2016) ‘Event brand consistency at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games’, paper presented at 4th International Conference on Contemporary Marketing, Heraklion, Greece, 22-24 June.
  • Manoli, A.E. (2014) ‘Segmenting the fans of an English Football Club’, paper presented at 15th ELLEDA Conference, Thessaloniki, 5-7 December  (http://www.elleda.gr/sites/default/files/15o_synedrio_-_2014.pdf)
  • Manoli, A.E. & Antonopoulos, G. (2014) ‘The only game in town; Match-fixing in Greece’, paper presented at EASM conference, Coventry, 9-12 September (http://www.easm.net/download/2014/77-Accept-oral-presentation-Manoli-THE-ONLY-GAME-IN-TOWN-MATCH-FIXING-IN-GREECE.pdf)
  • Manoli, A.E. & Davies, M. (2014) ‘Integrated Marketing Communications and the practitioners strategy paradox’, paper presented at ICORIA conference, Amsterdam, 26-28 June (http://www.europeanadvertisingacademy.org/docs/2014/ICORIA-2014-concept-programme.pdf)
  • Invited speaker: ‘CSR as a branding tool’, Workshop Sponsored by UCFB delivered to the Qatari FA, Friday 28th March 2014, UCFB, Burnley, UK
  • Invited speaker: ‘Social Responsibility Programmes in Football. A duty or a need? – the Middlesbrough FC case study’, A Workshop Sponsored by the Greek Super League, Saturday 22nd March 2014, 2nd FootballAbout Conference, Athens, Greece (http://www.superleaguegreece.net/en/social-action/show/detailed-programme-of-the-international-conference-footballabout)
  • Manoli, A.E. (2013) ‘Media relations in the football industry; what do we learn from the Premier League’, paper presented at 14th ELLEDA Conference, Athens, 9-12 December  (http://www.elleda.gr/sites/default/files/praktika_14_2013.pdf)
  • Manoli, A.E. (2012) ‘Crisis communication in professional sports; what do we learn from the Premier League’, paper presented at 13th ELLEDA Conference, Sparta, 6-8 December http://www.elleda.gr/sites/default/files/praktika_13.pdf)
  • Manoli, A.E. (2012) ‘CSR Communication in professional sports’, paper presented at 13th ELLEDA Conference, Sparta, 6-8 December (http://www.elleda.gr/sites/default/files/praktika_13.pdf)

Featured publications

  • Manoli, AE & Hodgkinson, IR (Accepted for publication) Marketing Outsourcing in the English Premier League: The Right Holder/Agency InterfaceEuropean Sport Management Quarterly, Forthcoming, ISSN: 1746-031X.
  • Freestone, CJ & Manoli, AE (2017) Financial fair play and competitive balance in the Premier LeagueSport, Business, Management: an International Journal, 7(2), ISSN: 2042-678X. DOI: 10.1108/SBM-10-2016-0058.
  • Kenyon, JA, Manoli, AE & Bodet, G (2017) Brand consistency and coherency at the London 2012 Olympic GamesJournal of Strategic Marketing (early access online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/0965254X.2017.1293139)
  • Manoli, AE, Antonopoulos, GA & Bairner, A (2017) The ‘Inevitability’ of Corruption in Greek FootballSoccer & Society (early access online: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14660970.2017.1302936)
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