James studied for his undergraduate degree (BSc) in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University and graduated in 2007. James’ time at Loughborough then continued as he went on to complete a PhD in Exercise Physiology, which focused on the interaction between exercise and the neuroendocrine regulation of appetite & energy balance.

In November 2010, James commenced his post-doctoral research in the Exercise, Inflammation & Metabolism research group at Loughborough, during which time he contributed to the application which brought a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Unit (Diet, Lifestyle & Physical Activity) to the University. During the first three years of this award, James worked as a Senior Research Associate across several research areas relating to exercise and its contribution to the management of chronic metabolic disease, particularly type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

James is currently a Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology within the School of Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences, and his research continues to investigate the role of lifestyle (exercise and diet) in the development and management of obesity and obesity-related diseases.

James' main research interests focus on the interaction between exercise and diet with energy balance, metabolism and chronic metabolic disease.

James is currently undertaking research in the following areas:

  • Exercise as a therapeutic strategy in patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
  • Appetite control, energy balance and obesity
  • Bespoke workplace interventions targeting risk factors for chronic metabolic disease (e.g. sedentary behaviour, physical inactivity, poor diet)
  • High intensity intermittent exercise (HIT), metabolism and cardiometabolic health

Successful Grants

  • King JA, Aithal GP, Davies MJ. Hepatokines as a novel mechanism linking type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Novo Nordisk.
  • King JA, Aithal GP, Davies MJ. The impact of T2DM and exercise on hepatic fat quality. Diabetes UK. Early Career Grant.
  • Clemes S, King JA, Hamer M, Munir F, Yates TY, Gray LJ, Richardson G, Daly HC, Edwardson CL. A cluster randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness and cost -effectiveness of a Structured Health Intervention For Truckers (The SHIFT Study). NIHR Public Health Research Grant.
  • Davies MJ, Khunti K, Chatterjee S, Stensel DJ, King JA, Webb D.SGLT-2 Inhibitor Empagliflozin Effects on Appetite and Weight Regulation. Investigator Initiated Study -Boehringer Ingelheim.
  • King JA, Nimmo MA. Knowledge Transfer Secondment - Physical Activity, Diet and Lifestyle in the Workplace. Enterprise Project Group (HEFCE)
  • Stensel DJ, King JA. The influence of brisk walking on appetite and energy balance. The Ramblers Association.
  • Davies MJ, Yates T, Sargeant JA, King JA, Baldry E, Smith A, Watson E, Gulsin G, Patsko E, Webb D, Khunti K, McCann G. Impact of exercise training in combination with Dapagliflozin on physical function in adults with T2DM: a randomized controlled trial. Astra Zeneca.

Scientific advisor for the Nuffield Health Research Group.

Invited reviewer for: Appetite, International Journal of Obesity, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Blood Collection Officer – UK Anti-Doping.

Associate Editor for the International Journal of Obesity.

Editorial Board Member or Nutrients.

Featured publications

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