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Andrew completed his BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham before gaining his MSc in Physical Activity and Public Health and then his PhD in Digital Health from Loughborough University. Following his PhD, he held post-doctoral research and teaching positions, including as a Research Associate at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, where he led on NIHR, NIH and EU-funded projects related to wearable data, real-world evidence, and experimental diabetes research.

Andrew joined the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences as a Lecturer in 2023 and his research focuses on the use of data from wearable devices, with the aim of improving the health of those at risk of developing long-term health conditions and clinical populations.

Andrew’s research expertise is as a Digital Health Data Scientist. His research aims to understand the link between movement behaviours and health by using sensor data from wearable devices. He is particularly interested in how data from commercial activity and glucose monitoring devices can be used to develop approaches to behaviour change.

Andrew's work has more recently focused on understanding how the development of new analytical methods from wearable sensor data can be used to better quantify prevention, prehabilitation and rehabilitation activities, and the use of real-world data to better understand clinical conditions such as diabetes.

Andrew is a member of The International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour and is a regular reviewer for the Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour.

Andrew is the creator and developer of Health Stack which aims to provide a space for novices in the health data world to learn R code and share resources about health data analyses.

Featured publications

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