Professor John B Thomas

  • Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies

John B. Thomas is Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies at Loughborough University and formerly Director of Loughborough Summer School. He has published widely in both the history and psychology of education. 

Before joining Loughborough University, Professor Thomas lectured at Redland College, Bristol (now the University of the West of England), and as a recognised teacher of education and psychology in the University of Bristol School of Education after teaching history and economics in schools. He has also served as a part-time tutor for the Open University in Wales.

Professor Thomas is an authority on the history of teacher education and the academic study of education. He has been a Fellow of the British Psychological Society since 1986.


BA History, Nottingham University, 1962
Dip.Ed. Swansea, 1963,
Academic Dip.Ed. London, 1968
M.Ed. Swansea, 1972
PhD Loughborough, 1993

Professor Thomas has published research papers in psychology of education on self-concept, anorexia, and emotional and behavioural disorders. See 

  • Educational Research and Development in Britain 1970-1980 (LondonNFER 1980 jointly edited with Louis Cohen and Lawrence Manion) and 
  • British Universities and Teacher Education: a Century of Change (London, Falmer Press 1990) as well as
  • research papers and reviews in various educational and psychological international journals. 

See also entries in the 

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004)
  • the Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales (2008) 
  • Routledge International Encyclopaedia of Education (2008)

Featured publications

Books – Authored

  • 1973 Self-Concept in Psychology and Education. Windsor: NFER Publishing Company.
  • 1977 (with G T Page) International Dictionary of Education. London & New York: Kogan Page (paperback edition in 1978].
  • 1979a (with G T Page) International Dictionary of Education. Cambridge Massachusetts: MIT Press.
  • 1979b with G T Page) International Dictionary of Education. London, Pitman.
  • 1980 The Self in Education. Windsor: NFER Publishing Company.

Books – Edited

  • 1982 (with Louis Cohen & Laurence Manion) Educational Research and Development in Britain 1970-1980. Windsor: NFER Publishing Company (48 commissioned reviews of research and development).
  • 1990 (Editor) British Universities and Teacher Education: A Century of Change. London: Falmer Press (11 commissioned essays).

Departmental Working Papers

  • 1985 Loughborough University of Technology Department of Education: Bibliography of Staff Publications and Student Theses and Dissertations. 34 p.
  • 1993 (with Bill Morley) Pastoral Care, Counselling and Personal and Social Education. 26 pp.
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  • 1994c (with Bill Morley) “Special Educational Needs and Support Services” in Busher, H (Ed). Pupils in the classroom, chapter 5, pp 90-112.

Edited works – Contributions

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Staff Thesis

  • 1993 Studies in the History and Organisation of Teacher Education in England and Wales. Unpublished PhD thesis of Loughborough University, 331 pp.
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