Dr Susana Monserrat-Revillo

BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

  • University Teacher in Sport Management

Dr Susana Monserrat is a University Teacher in Sport Management and Lecturer at the Doctoral College (Loughborough University).

She teaches on both undergraduate and master's level Sport Management modules (Managing Sport Organisations and Research Methods). She supervises undergraduate and master's students through their research projects and she is currently tutoring placements students working in the sports management industry.

At the Doctoral College, Susana teaches PhD students of all disciplines who wish to use NVivo software in their research project (literature review and/or data analysis). Current workshops in place are: Fundamentals of NVivo, Moving on with NVivo, and one-to-one support service.

Susana’s first degree, Sports Sciences (BSc Hons), was completed at the University of Barcelona-INEFC Lleida. She also has a master's degree (MSc) in Sport Management from the University of Barcelona. Her PhD is from the University of Lleida (School of Sport Sciences and Business School) where she studied the prices, supply and regulation of outsourced services at Catalonian leisure centres.  

Susana previously worked at the University of Lleida as a Senior Lecturer in Sport Management, and at El Vendrell City Council (Tarragona) as Sports Manager. She was also the Co-director of the Catalonian Observatory of Sport. Susana has significant experience working as a Consultant in sports organisations (active people surveys, customer satisfaction studies, Quality Programme Assessment, feasibility studies and project management).

She has organised many international courses and conferences:  Symposium of the International Association of Physiological Anthropology & Society for the Study of Human, Loughborough 2017, for the Catalonian Sport Management Association (ACGEP), School of Sport Sciences of Catalonia (INEFC),  Tempus Program "Training of administrators in sport and recreation system " with the Lithuanian Academy of PE, and Erasmus intensive courses (European Seminary Sport, Economy and Society group).

She is fluent in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Catalan).

Susana’s primary research interests are in sports management, and more specifically in the areas of service quality, leisure activities, local government and customer segmentation.

Her second research interest would be broadly defined as the integration of quantitative and qualitative methods in the study of sport management.

During the last few years she has supported research at Loughborough University (analysing data using SPSS for statistical analysis and NVivo for qualitative content analysis; designing on-line surveys and analysing focus groups): 

  • The School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, SSEHS (2015-16): Project Manager of the project: Quantifying healthy birth, growth and development knowledge integration. Aims: To create, curate and disseminate a single, coherent electronic database of Maya children (Mexico, Guatemala and USA) in order to generate predictive models that quantify the impact of actionable risk-factors during critical child growth.   Funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. New study to look at factors affecting child growth and development - Loughborough University news.
  • The Language Centre (2015): Students Satisfaction Survey and Focus Group for the strategic plan of the Language Centre.
  • The Centre for Research in Social Policy, CRSP (2016): focus groups interviews for the project “The Standard Living Cost in Mexico”.

Community actions

She is the Under-15 girls team manager at Charnwood Athletics Club (Cross Country and Track and Field events), from September 2017.

Journal Referee

  • Journal of Strategic Marketing, UK.
  • Revista Apunts de Educación Física y Deporte, Barcelona

Learned Societies and Professional Affiliations

  • COPLEFC  (Catalonian Association of PE teachers and Sport Sciences workers) - member
  • AEISAD (Spanish Association of Research applied to Leisure and Sport) - member
  • ACGEP (Catalonian Association for Sport Managers) - board member, 1994-2001 and vice-president, 2002-03.

Featured publications

  • Varela-Silva, MI., Söğüt, M.,Mansukoski, L., Millan-Fernandez, L., Monserrat, S., Azcorra, H., Dickinson, F., Sanchez, S., Bogin, B.. (2018). Effects of stunting on body composition, biological age, and muscle strength of Maya and Ladino children in Guatemala. 43rd Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association. Austin, USA.
  • Farias, E. I., Mas, S., Monserrat, S., & Gil, G. (2017). Visitor’s Physical Activity Behaviour in Protected Natural Areas: a case study of Alt Pirineu Natural Park, Spain. In K. Bučar & S. Renko (Eds.), Sport Tourism Conference: Red, green and blue strategies. (pp. 36–55). Zagreb, Croatia: University of Zagreb.
  • Varela-Silva MI, Bogin B, Galvez Sobral JA, Dickinson F, Monserrat S, and the Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development - Knowledge Integration (HBGDki) initiative (2016). Deep data science to prevent and treat growth faltering in Maya children. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Advance Online Publication. DOI: 10.1038/ejcn.2016.63
  • Farías, E.I., Mas, S., Baric,D., Planas, A., Monserrat, S., Gil, G. (2016), ‘The Influence of Visitor Characteristics and Natural Park Facilities on Physical Activity Levels. A Case Study’, in D. Vasiljević (eds), the 8th Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreational and Protected Areas (MMV), University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia, pp. 493-495.
  • Farías, E.I., Mas, S., Monserrat, S. Gil, G. (2016), ‘How Active Are People In Protected Natural Areas? A Case of Study’, in Initial and Surname (eds), the 3rd Sport Tourism Conference: Red, green and blue strategies, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, pp.
  • Farías, E.I., Monserrat, S. (2015), ‘Visitor Segmentation for Protected Natural Areas Using Physical Activity Practised. A Case of Study, in 23rd EASM Conference, .Dublin, Ireland, 9-12 September, viewed 22 February 2017, http://www.easm.net/download/2015/easm2EASM-2015-6-449.pdf
  • Farías, E.I.& Monserrat, S. (2014), ‘Visitors to Alt Pirineu Natural Park and the practice of recreational and sports activities. A segmentation proposal’, Pirineos Revista de Ecología de Montaña, vol. 169, http://dx.doi.org/10.3989/Pirineos.2014.169005