Emma Pullen is a lecturer in Sport Management in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. She completed her PhD at Loughborough University in 2016 and has since been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher on an Arts & Humanities Research Council-funded project at Bournemouth University. She started as a lecturer at Loughborough University in 2019.

Emma is a social scientist who is broadly interested in the relationship between sport, social inclusion, and health and well-being. Her early research explored the experiences of chronic sport related injury where she published in journals including Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, and Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine. More recently, Emma has focused on disability sport, the role and impact of Paralympic media and broadcast, and gender (feminisms) at the intersection of disability. She has published several articles on these topics in journals such as Media, Culture & Society, and, European Journal of CommunicationEmma is continuing her research in the area of disability sport and is currently involved in a number of research projects, collaborations, and public engagement activities.

Current and recent research projects

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC): (2021-2023): Pullen (PI) (LU): Co-I’s: Silk, M (BU) Gendered re-presentations of disability: Equality, empowerment and marginalisation in Paralympic media. (AH/T006684/1). 
  • Department for International Development (DIFD): (2020-2024): Tacchi, J (PI)(LU): Co-I’s: Pullen (LU), Noakes (LU), Collinson (LU). AT2030 – Life Changing Assistive Technology. Overcoming Stigma through Paralympic Sport. £1,895,115
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)(2017-2019): Silk, M (PI)(BU): Co-I's: Pullen (LU) Hodges (BU), Scullion (BU), Jackson (BU), Stutterheim (BU), Rich (Bath) Howe (Western, CA), Silva (Western, CA) & Misener (Western, CA) Disability & the cultural legacy of the Paralympics. (AH/P003842/1). £684,550.50
  • Peer reviewer for: Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health; Communication & Sport, International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, International Review for the Sociology of Sport; Leisure Studies.
  • Guest editor for Communication & Sport – Special issue title: Sport and Social Justice 
  • Public engagement: (Re-)Presenting Para-bodies Art Exhibition, Asia House, London 3rd – 8th June 2019

Featured publications

  • Pullen, E., Jackson D., and Silk, M. 2019. Watching Disability: UK audience perceptions of the Paralympics, equality, and social change. European Journal of Communication.

  • Pullen, E. and Silk, M. 2019. Gender, Technology and the Ablenational Paralympic Body Politic. Cultural Studies.34:3, 466-488, DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2019.1621917
  • Pullen, E., Jackson D., and Silk, M. 2019. (Re-)presenting the Paralympics: Affective Nationalism and the “Able-Disabled”. Communication & Sport. DOI:10.1177/2167479519837549
  • Malcolm, D. and Pullen, E., 2018. ‘Everything I enjoy doing I just couldn’t do’: Biographical disruption for sport-related injury. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine. DOI: 10.1177/1363459318800142
  • Pullen, E., Jackson, D., Silk, M. and Scullion, R., 2018. Re-presenting the Paralympics: (contested) philosophies, production practices and the hypervisibility of disability. Media, Culture & SocietySociety41(4), 465–481. DOI: 10.1177/0163443718799399
  • Pullen, E., Malcolm, D. and Wheeler, P., 2018. How effective is the integration of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the English National Health Service for sport related injury treatment and health management? J Sports Med Phys Fitness. [online]
  • Pullen, E. and Malcolm, D., 2018. Assessing the side effects of the ‘exercise pill’: The paradox of physical activity health promotion. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health, 10 (4), 493-504. DOI: 10.1080/2159676X.2017.1388833