Professor Nick Peirce is now Medical Director for England and Wales Cricket Board, having been Chief Medical Officer since 2007. He is also Head of Service and an NHS Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine at Nottingham University Hospital, with his NHS post including clinical delivery from the National Centre for SEM East Midlands. He retired in 2018 after 17 years as the lead Sports Physician for Nottingham Forest FC.

Originally trained in Family Medicine, Professor Peirce moved into Sport and Exercise Medicine in 1995 and established a Consultant post in 2001 following an MSc in Sports Medicine, a 2-year Lectureship at Nottingham University, and subsequently an overseas Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Australian Institute of Sport. He has worked extensively with all aspects of medical care for athletes including establishing and leading for 7 years the English Institute of Sport at Loughborough University, CMO for GB World Class Canoeing Programme 1997-2017, Great Britain Rowing, Team GB, and for LTA Great Britain Davis Cup team 2001-2007 until moving to cricket. Prof. Peirce has attended Sydney and Athens Olympics and Commonwealth Games.  He was awarded the British Association of Sports Medicine travelling scholarship in 1998 and led the ECB, BMJ award for Sport and Exercise Medicine Team of the year in 2013 and has been a member of international councils for ICC and ICF as well as international working parties for areas such as concussion.

His NHS role now includes leadership in strategy with a focus on health initiatives around prevention, physical activity and prehabilitation. He has been heavily involved in various aspects of healthcare development including the lead for Training Programmes in the East Midlands, Council member for the Faculty for SEM and SAC, and Chair of National Recruitment and Workforce planning for Sport and Exercise Medicine.  He has also been involved in anti-doping appeals and MSK developments.

Early research included extensive involvement in invasive exercise physiology and metabolic medicine research as a lecturer and research fellow at the Nottingham School of Biomedical Sciences with Prof. Paul Greenhaff and Prof. Ian Macdonald and collaboration with Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre.  This research focussed on diabetes and exercise, insulin sensitivity, CHO and creatine ingestion, and protein synthesis in relation to nutrition.

After a period of significant commitment to clinical sports medicine, renewed research programmes have been developing around elite athlete work around female athlete bone health, adolescent bone development, concussion, protective equipment, injury surveillance in professional and recreational sport, lumbar spine stress fractures, wellbeing, sport and physical activity, osteoarthritis and sport, and cardiac screening. He currently supervises 6 PhDs at Loughborough, Bath, and Bangor Universities and St George's Medical School.

Other activities include editorial boards for CJSM and BJSM, and reviewer for multiple journals, ICC Medical Committee and active involvement in translation through chairing BSi Committees and Taskforces for physical activity and mental health.

Married and a father of two, Nick enjoys cycling, skiing, Norfolk beaches, and returning to family routes in New England when possible, including seeing the New England Patriots. He still plays the odd game of cricket but is resigned to watching his kids be much better at sport than he ever was. At some point, as and when time allows, Nick will go back to writing, having had a regular column in the Observer.

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