Carolynne Mason became a Lecturer in Sport Management in 2015. Carolynne completed her undergraduate degree in Social Psychology (BSc Hons) at Loughborough and she returned to Loughborough a decade later to complete her doctoral thesis (Conceptualising Financial Literacy: An Ethnographic Study of School Governors).

Carolynne teaches on several undergraduate and master’s Sport Management modules including Critical Perspectives in Sport Management, Sporting Integrity and Development of Sport. She is currently module leader for Research Skills for Sports Managers at master’s level in addition to supervising both undergraduate and master’s students’ research projects and PhD students.

Carolynne has previously undertaken research and teaching roles within the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University, the School of Education at Leicester University, the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University and the Open University.

Experts in Sport Podcast

Episode 13: What role does community sport play in tackling serious youth violence? Host Martin Foster is joined by Dr Carolynne Mason and Graham Helm, National Doorstep Sport Advisor for StreetGames, a national charity that helps bring sport to disadvantaged communities.

Carolynne’s research critically examines the role of sport in enhancing the lives of children and adults who participate in sport systems characterised by inequalities in, inter alia, wealth, gender and race. She is currently involved in a number of research projects which focus on issues including child rights in football, the role of sport in addressing serious youth violence, the role of holiday clubs in tackling food insecurity and promoting inclusion and diversity in sports participation.

Carolynne has expertise in third-sector sports organisations, and her research has been supported by a range of charity and not-for-profit organisations including Unicef, StreetGames, Greenhouse Sports, Access Sport, The Prince’s Trust, Youth Sport Trust, YMCA and Sporting Communities.  

Peer review for journals including European Sport Management Quarterly and International Journal of Sociology of Sport

Presenter at Community Safety roundtable for the Sater-Batson Commission on Poverty, Place and Sport at Houses of Parliament (Jan 2020)

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