Harry Mistry

BA (Hons), MBA

  • University Teacher in Quantitative Research Methods

Harry graduated from Leicester De Montfort University (formerly Leicester Polytechnic) in 1986 with honours degree in Business Administration.  He subsequently gained a MBA from the University of Leicester in 1993.

Harry previously worked for Leicestershire County Council before joining the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University in 2012.  He then joined the SSEHS in 2014.

In the recent past Harry carried out social-economic research in the local government context to support strategy development, implementation and monitoring as part of ‘evidence-based decision making’.  Before leaving Leicestershire County Council, Harry carried out research into the social and economic costs of alcohol misuse in Leicester and Leicestershire as part of the then Government’s pilot project ‘Total Place Programme’, which investigated how local services could work together to reduce the costs of alcohol misuse.  He also conducted partnership-led research into access to local services for the unemployed to investigate how jobless people can get improved support and advice with a view to getting back into work.