Yasmin Nwofor

BSc (Hons)

Pronouns: She/her
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Biosciences)

Yasmin graduated from Loughborough University with a first-class honours degree in Natural Sciences (BSc Hons) in July 2022. She is currently undertaking her doctoral research under the supervision of Dr Sarabjit Mastana and Dr Martin Lindley at Loughborough University alongside her role as Post Graduate Teaching Assistant in Biosciences.

Yasmin currently assists with teaching in the modules Biochemistry and Cell Biology, and Laboratory Skills 1.

Yasmin’s current PhD research investigates the impact of nutrition on the epigenome, studying maternal diet in relation to offspring health outcomes, specifically in BAME populations.

Title: Nutrigenomic and epigenetic contributions to BAME pregnancy health outcomes.