Dr Kerry Chaplin

BEng, MSc, PhD

Pronouns: She/her
  • Research Associate in Musculoskeletal Bioengineering

Kerry has a BEng and MSc in Chemical Engineering from Loughborough University. After completing her MSc, Kerry undertook a PhD titled ‘Design and numerical simulation characterisation of additively manufactured bioreactors for tissue engineering applications’. Her PhD utilised additive manufacturing and computational modelling to design and manufacture a perfusion system for the culture of 3D bioengineered tissues.

Kerry is currently working as a Research Associate in Musculoskeletal Bioengineering alongside Professor Mark Lewis.

Kerry’s research has used a multidisciplinary approach using 3D printing, tissue engineering, and finite element modelling in the development of bioengineered models of the musculoskeletal system. Kerry has previously worked on an EPSRC Network+ funded grant looking at the cryopreservation of skeletal muscle constructs for transportation and long-term storage.

Kerry’s current project aims to characterise the secretome produced from human skeletal muscle constructs in vitro, both at rest and after exercise. This will then be used to model the effect of skeletal muscle derived exerkines within a multi-tissue platform.

Featured publications

Rimington RP, Capel AP, Chaplin KF, Fleming JW, Bandulasena HCH, Bibb RJ, Christie SDR, and Lewis MP. (2019). Differentiation of bioengineered skeletal muscle within a 3D printed perfusion bioreactor reduces atrophic and inflammatory gene expression. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5 (10), 5525-5538. DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.9b00975.