Silvia graduated from the Sport Sciences School of Rio Maior (Portugal) in 2007 with a BSc in Fitness and Health, before moving to Loughborough University in 2008 to undertake an MRes in Human Biology, followed by a PhD (2009-2013). Her doctoral thesis focused on the objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour of 2-3 year-old South Asian and White British children, where she worked with the Born in Bradford birth cohort.

During her post-doctoral experience, Silvia worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Diet and Activity Research (University of Cambridge, 2013), and a Research Associate at the Institute of Child Health (University College London, 2013-2015), before returning to the Centre for Diet and Activity Research as a Career Development Fellow (2015-2018) to start developing her own research. In August 2018, Silvia was appointed as a Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health at Loughborough University.

Silvia’s research interests focus on two main themes:

  • Health policy and practice – with an emphasis on the early childhood period, Silvia’s research has focused on the relationship between childcare attendance and obesity, as well as obesity-related risk factors (e.g., physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and diet). More broadly, Silvia is interested in how policies and practices within environments that young children are exposed to can influence their health behaviours, and how such policies and practices can be modified to improve children’s growth, development, and health behaviours (such as physical activity and diet).
  • The objective measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour– Silvia’s research has focused on the calibration and feasibility of using accelerometers to measure the physical activity and sedentary behaviour of young children from different ethnicities. More broadly, she is interested in the development, calibration, and feasibility of new methods and devices for the measurement of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in children.
  • Committee member and Grants and Awards Officer for the Society for the Study of Human Biology.
  • Journal reviewer (e.g., PLoS ONE, Pediatric Obesity, Journal of Pediatrics, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, American Journal of Epidemiology, Journal of Physical Activity & Health, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, BMC Public Health)

Featured publications

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