Emily Hansell

BSc (Hons), MSc

  • Postgraduate University Teacher (Exercise Physiology: Strength & Conditioning)

Emily graduated from Loughborough University in 2019 with a First Class Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science. As part of her degree programme, she undertook a year-long placement at Southampton FC where she was embedded within the Sports Medicine and Science department at the club. Later that year, Emily was awarded the Santander Postgraduate Scholarship and graduated in 2020 with an MSc in Strength & Conditioning (Distinction), where she also received the academic award for her programme.

Alongside her undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Emily has worked with Loughborough Sport clubs, including dance and women’s football, to enhance the sports science support available to their athletes. In addition, Emily has spent a number of years working in management roles at Loughborough Students’ Union, and was this year awarded the Sir David Wallace Award at the Loughborough Experience Awards for her contribution to the ‘Loughborough Experience’.

Emily has embarked on a part-time PhD at Loughborough University, focusing on ‘plant-based dietary supplements and recovery from exercise-induced muscle damage in male and female athletes’.

Her BSc and MSc research projects focused on: GPS activity profiles in male hockey players, and bone mineral markers at the lumbar spine in female gymnasts, trampolinists and controls, respectively.