Paul completed his first degree (part-time) in Sports Science and Sport Rehabilitation at St Mary’s University College in 2002. In 2007, he secured a sabbatical from the British Army to study Physical Activity and Health (master's) at Loughborough University which he completed in 2008 with distinction.

Whilst still in the British Army, Paul also conducted his doctoral studies (part-time) at Loughborough University and graduated with a PhD in 2014.

On leaving the British Army in April 2014, Paul secured a research associate position at Loughborough University (Sep 2014).  Paul was recruited to investigate sedentary behaviour measurement as part of a large Medical Research Council Grant (MRC) (a joint venture between Loughborough University and the Biomedical Research Unit at Leicester Hospital). 

Paul’s principle research interests lie in the field of physical activity and health, specifically the behavioural aspects of sedentary behaviour, correlates of physical activity, and the predictors of obesity. 

Paul also has research interests in the field of musculoskeletal injury and how physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and obesity affect injury risk.

Paul has provided physical activity and health consultancy for the British Army, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the National School of Government.

Paul is a reviewer for a number of peer reviewed journals including Physiological Measurement (PMEA), BMC Public Health, and the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition.

Conference Communications

  • Poster presentation: American College of Sports Medicine 2009
  • Poster presentation: European Congress on Obesity 2011
  • Oral presentation: UK Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference 2011
  • Oral presentation: Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen Families Association (SSAFA) 2012 
  • Oral presentation: Army Health Committee 2013
  • Oral presentation: Royal Air Force (RAF) Physical Education Seminar 2014
  • Oral presentation: Loughborough University PA and Health research group 2014.

Featured publications

  • Sanderson P.W., Clemes S.A., Biddle S.J.H. The Correlates and Treatment of Obesity in Military Populations: A Systematic Review. Obesity Facts 2011; 4:229–237.
  • Sanderson P.W., Clemes S.A., Biddle S.J.H. The Socio-demographic predictors of obesity in the British Army. The Annals of Human Biology 2014; 41(3), 193-200.