Clare studied Psychology at the University of Sussex, graduating in 2009. She then went on to complete a master's in Health Psychology at Sussex in 2012 and undertook her PhD at Loughborough University, investigating methods of increasing vegetable consumption in early childhood. Clare had been teaching at Loughborough for a number of years before becoming a lecturer in 2016. She currently teaches on the part A modules Introductory Neuroscience and Foundations in Biological Psychology. She also delivers lectures on the part C module Psychology and Health, and the foundation studies module Foundations in Psychology.

Clare is also a personal tutor and dissertation project supervisor.

Clare's main research interests lie in eating behaviour, with a focus on how we can increase healthy eating behaviour as well as reducing unhealthy behaviours. Recently, this research has focused on increasing vegetable consumption in young children but she is also undertaking research in the role of expectations in people's eating behaviour.

Clare is also embarking on research into increasing other healthful behaviours in children, such as active play and physical activity.

Clare’s research has been featured in news and radio outlets as well as parenting magazines.

Clare is currently working with the UK charity StreetGames on a project called ‘Fit and Fed’ which is aimed at tackling Holiday Hunger. This is the phenomenon where children who rely on free school meals during term time find themselves hungry and without adequate nutrition in the school holidays. Clare's role predominantly lies in monitoring and evaluating this project, as well as offering expertise in how to increase healthy eating behaviour.

Featured publications

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*most relevant publications to the proposed research