Professor Patrick Wheeler


  • Honorary Clinical Professor of Sport and Exercise Medicine

Professor Wheeler holds an Honorary Clinical Professorship in Sport & Exercise Medicine. He has been employed in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (SSEHS) at Loughborough University since 2013, and is currently engaged across a wide number of roles supporting research, teaching, and enterprise. He is the Programme Director for the Intercalated Medical Students at Loughborough University, the Module Lead for an MSc module, and he supervises a number of current PhD students.

Professor Wheeler graduated from Leicester University Medical School in 1998. He holds an MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine from Nottingham University (2004), and an MSc in Physical Activity and Public Health from Staffordshire University (2012). He completed his PhD at Loughborough University in 2019 investigating medical management options for patients with chronic plantar fasciitis, and comparing treatments with those used in other chronic tendinopathies. 

In addition to his work at Loughborough University, Professor Wheeler works for the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, where he has been employed as a Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine since 2009, having joined the department originally in 2000. He served as the Head of Service in the Sports Medicine Department at Leicester Hospitals from 2013-2017 before stepping down from this management role to create more time for his teaching and research activities.

Professor Wheeler is a Fellow of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine (FSEM), and was one of the first doctors entered onto the GMC Specialist Register in Sport & Exercise Medicine in 2009. He was elected to the FSEM Council in 2016, was appointed to the Executive Committee in 2020, and appointed to the position of FSEM Honorary Treasurer from late-2020. In addition in November 2020 he was elected to the position of the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAG) for the British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine (BASEM), and in this role his group review applications for research funding made to BASEM.


Professor Wheeler is the Principal Investigator on several ongoing NHS interventional research trials examining the effectiveness of treatments for patients with chronic tendinopathies, and has previously led research looking at physical activity intervention strategies. Professor Wheeler has recruited more than 1100 patients to his NHS research studies to date, and continues to remain very research active. 

Professor Wheeler is very happy to be contacted by prospective PhD students, particularly those from clinical backgrounds, who are interested in undertaking their Doctoral Studies at Loughborough University.

  • Professor Wheeler is the current Chair of the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAG) for the British Association of Sport & Exercise Medicine (BASEM), and in this role his group review applications for research funding made to BASEM. He is also the Chair of the Awards Committee, overseeing various awards made throughout the year by BASEM.
  • Professor Wheeler holds an Honorary post at Leicester University, where he is involved in the teaching and assessment of medical students.
  • Professor Wheeler has been appointed as the Honorary Treasurer of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine (FSEM) from late-2020. He was original elected to the Faculty Council in 2016, and subsequent to this was appointed to the FSEM Executive Committee in 2020. During his time his roles include linking SEM within the wider NHS including activity reporting, and in addition he now oversees the FSEM “New Consultant Programme” which aims to facilitate the transition and professional development of newly appointed Consultants in Sport & Exercise Medicine across the UK.
  • Professor Wheeler has worked in a variety of roles supporting and teaching on the Sport & Exercise Medicine MSc programme at the University of Bath since 2007, and continues to teach / examine / supervise research in this programme.
  • Professor Wheeler has also previously worked extensively with elite sports and national governing bodies over multiple Olympic and Paralympic Cycles going back to 2004. Professor Wheeler worked for the English Institute of Sport from 2007-2013 and has worked for ParalympicsGB at the Beijing2008, London2012 and Rio2016 Paralympic Games.

Featured publications

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