Laura completed her undergraduate Psychology degree at Northumbria University in 2011 before the completion of her MRes Psychology degree in 2012. In 2016, Laura was awarded a PhD in Psychology which focused upon the functional working memory architecture of two types of visual working memory tasks in adults and children.

Laura has held academic teaching positions at Northumbria University, Oxford Brookes University and the University of Strathclyde before moving to Loughborough in 2018. Throughout her teaching career, Laura has taught on numerous Psychology modules including cognition, statistics, personality and individual differences, biological psychology, questionnaire design, qualitative methods, development and social psychology.

Laura is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) with the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Laura’s research interests are focused around visual working and also areas of face perception.

These research interests include:

  • The functional architecture of visual working memory – looking at whether visual working memory is visual specific or more domain-general in nature
  • The use of categorical and coordinate change detection tasks in working memory
  • Links between working memory and intelligence, in particular within a developmental context
  • Face perception, personality and emotion recognition.
  • Editorial Board Member, Reviewer and Cognitive Psychology Correspondent for Psychreg Journal of Psychology.
  • Course consultant for Oxford Royale Academy – assisting with the creation of Psychology courses offered to 13-25-year-old students.
  • Developer of the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences summer school, Oxford Royale Academy.

Featured publications

  • Jenkins, L. and Hamilton, C. (2018). The importance of retrieval context in visual working memory. Clinical and Experimental Psychology, 4(3), 1-7.
  • Jenkins, L. (2018). The detection of smaller changes in visual working memory arrays. Psychreg Journal of Psychology, 2(1), 1-13.
  • Jenkins, L. (2017). Does personality effect emotion facial recognition? A comparison between Ekman’s Emotion Hexagon Test and a newly created measure. Madridge Journal of Neuroscience, 1(1), 38-46.
  • Jenkins, L. (2017). Angry faces may capture attention but do they hold it? Madridge Journal of Neuroscience, 1(1), 7-16.