Clare has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (University of Leicester) and an MSc in Exercise and Sport Psychology (University of Exeter). Her PhD (University of Bristol) explored the role of exercise in cancer rehabilitation, and was followed by research fellowships in physical activity and cancer (University of Alberta) and cancer supportive care (University of Manchester).

Clare came to Loughborough in 2010 as  Lecturer in Behavioural Aspects of Physical Activity and Health.

  • physical activity and health relationships
  • promoting physical activity behaviour
  • physical activity for psychological health
  • physical activity for cancer prevention and rehabilitation

Featured publications

  • Courneya KS, Sellar CM, Stevinson C, McNeely M, Peddle CJ, Friedenreich CM, Tankel K, Basi S, Chua N, Mazurek A, Reiman T. Effects of aerobic exercise on physical functioning and quality of life in lymphoma patients: a randomized controlled trial. J Clin Oncol 2009;27:4605-12
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  • Stevinson C, Tonkin K, Capstick V, Schepansky A, Ladha AB, Vallance JK, Faught W, Steed H, Courneya KS. A population-based study of the determinants of physical activity in ovarian cancer survivors. J Phys Act Health 2009;6:339-46
  • Stevinson C, Fox KR. Feasibility of an exercise rehabilitation programme for cancer patients. Eur J Cancer Care 2006; 15:386-96
  • Stevinson C, Lawlor DA, Fox KR. Exercise interventions for cancer patients: systematic review of controlled trials. Cancer Causes Control 2004;15:1035-56

Selected book chapters

  • Stevinson C. Ready to change lifestyle? The feasibility of exercise interventions in cancer patients. In: Saxton JM, Daley A (eds). Exercise after Cancer Diagnosis: Impact on Health Outcomes and Quality of Life. Springer Science Publications, 2010: 211-22
  • Stevinson C. Exercise prescription for other clinical populations: Cancer. In: Thompson WR (ed). ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (8th edition). Baltimore, MA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009
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Selected invited presentations

  • Cancer, obesity, and physical activity. Association for the Study of Obesity Conference on Obesity and Cancer. London, UK, Nov 4 2008
  • Physical activity for cancer control. University of Alberta Faculty of Physical Education Speaker Series. Edmonton, Canada, Oct 27 2006
  • Physical activity and prevention: revised European Code against Cancer. Association of European Cancer Leagues 23rd Annual Conference. Vienna, Austria, Oct 18 2003
  • Exercise referrals in cancer. Wright Foundation GP Exercise Referral 4th National Conference. Birmingham, UK, Sept 16 2003