Dr Doyoung Pyun

Pronouns: He/him
  • Senior Lecturer in Sport Marketing and Management

Higher Education

  • PhD in Sport Management (April 2006)
    Department of Sport Management, Florida State University, USA
    Emphasis in Sport Marketing
  • MSc in Physical Education (February 1999)
    Department of Physical Education, Yonsei University, Korea
  • BSc in Sport & Leisure Studies (February 1997)
    Department of Sport & Leisure Studies, Yonsei University, Korea

Previous Posts

  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Assistant Head of Department (July 2014 - August 2015)
    Programme Coordinator, Sport Science and Management (January 2012 - June 2014)
    Assistant Professor (July 2006 - August 2015)
  • Yonsei University, Korea
    Adjunct Lecturer March (March 1999 - August 2001)

Research Interests

  • Consumers’ cognitive structures in advertising and sponsorship
  • Globalness of sport brands
  • Sport brand development and extensions
  • Sport consumer behaviours in e-sports
  • Managing service quality in sport
  • Organisation behaviours and management
  • Leadership in the PE and sport context
  • Scale development in sport management and education

Selected Recent Research Projects and Sources of Funding

  • 2022, Investigating the 2022 global sport development trends: UK sport markets (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea)
  • 2021, COVID-19 and sport business: The role of nostalgia (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
  • 2021, Investigating the recent trends of global sport industries (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea)
  • 2021, The 2021 Teaching Artist Support Project for Schools in Seoul (Korea Culture and Arts Education Service, Korea)
  • 2020, Comparing the consumption patterns across different sport business categories during the Covid-19 pandemic (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea)
  • 2020, A study on the government’s sports industry contact-free policy and the counteracts the threat of coronavirus (Covid-19): Comparing cases of the US, the UK, and Germany (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea)

PhD Supervisions


  • Chunxiao Li (December 2014, co-supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Measurement of the sport talent development environment and its relationship with athletes’ self-determined motivation and burnout
    Employment: Professor, South China Normal University, China
  • Adam Shi (July 2022, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Measuring and achieving service quality for youth football academies in China: A perspective from players
    Employment: Research Associate, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Sinead O’Keeffe (writing stage, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Sponsorship in F1 motor racing: The role of image transfer in sponsorship effectiveness
    Employment: Lecturer, South East Technological University, Ireland
  • Lucy Zhu (writing stage, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Motivation and decision making in eSports spectatorship in China
    Employment: Lecturer, University of Northampton, UK
  • Sungkyung Kim (writing stage, co-supervisor)
    Thesis topic: How can we enhance public support? The important role of government public relationships in the context of mega sport events
    Employment: Lecturer, University of Stirling, UK
  • Wei Gao (writing stage, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Development of a structural model of athlete brand equity
  • Seunghyun Lim (3rd year, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: The impact of sport participation on consumption
  • Bingjie Wang (2nd year, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: The development of a structural model of corporate social responsibility of Chinese Super League clubs
  • Bickram Ram (2nd year, co-supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Analysing the commercial representation by agents in the football industry
  • Bruce Chen (1st year, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: Development of brand equity of the Premier League in China
  • Ciro Sun (1st year, lead supervisor)
    Thesis topic: The consumption demand system of grassroots football academies in China: A perspective from parents

Selected Invited Conference Keynote

  • Pyun, D. Y. (2021, November). Strategic sport marketing in the Premier League. A keynote speech presented at 1st International Congress on Sport Sciences and Interdisciplinary Research, Tehran, Iran.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2020, November). Development and application of a framework of nostalgia in sport marketing. A keynote speech presented at 12th International Congress of Sport Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2017, April). Effectiveness of sport promotions: Advertising and sponsorship. A keynote speech presented at 10th International Congress on Sport Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2015, May). Youth development through sport in Singapore: A case of Vision 2030. A keynote speech presented at 11th Asian Society of Physical Education of Young Children Conference, Taoyuan, Taipei. 
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2015, March). Beyond promoting brand Image: Behavioral economics in sport. A keynote speech presented at 2015 International Conference on Management and Behavioral Sciences, Singapore.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2014, October). Youth development through sport in Singapore: Past, present, and future. A keynote speech presented at the 10th Asian Youth Sport Conference & 2014 UNESCO Chair International Conference, Jeju Island, Korea.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2014, October). Global trends in the future of higher education: Redesigning learning environments in Singapore. A keynote speech presented at the International Conference for Future Education 2014, Busan, Korea.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2014, May). Vision 2030: Revitalization of Singapore through sport. A keynote speech at 2014 Health and Leisure International Conference, Tainan City, Taiwan.
  • Pyun, D. Y. (2009, August). Promoting leisure and recreational activities in Singapore: A report from Sporting Culture Committee. A keynote speech at 2009 International Leisure and Recreation Congress, Yong-In, Korea.

Journal Activity

  • Editorial board member for Asia Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Research in Dance and Physical Education, Journal of Global Sport Management, and Korean Journal of Sport Management.
  • Regular referee for a number of journals in sport management, sport psychology, coaching, sport communication, outdoor education, advertising, leisure, general marketing, PE, etc.

Best Conference Reviewer

  • 2021 European Sport Management Conference: The European Festival of Sport Management Research and Practice
  • 2018 European Sport Management Conference, Malmö, Sweden

Collaborative Research

My research has been benefitted from collaborations with academic and practical colleagues in various overseas HEIs:

  • Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Kharazmi University, Iran 
  • Urmia University, Iran
  • Department of PE and Sport Sciences, University of Kurdistan, Iran
  • Physical Education Lab of Chung-Ang University, Korea
  • National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Global Research Institute for Arts and Culture Education, Sangmyung University, Korea
  • Korea Institute of Sport Science, Korea
  • Texas A&M University, USA
  • Lunex International University of Health, Exercise and Sport, Luxembourg
  • Brock University, Canada.
  • Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena, Spain.

Featured publications

  • Oboudi, A., Elahi, A., Yazdi, H. A., Rafiee, S., & Pyun, D. Y. (in-press). Impacts of game attractiveness and color of message on sport viewers' attention to prosocial message: An eye tracking study. Sport, Business, Management: An International Journal.
  • Shi, Y. C., Pyun, D. Y., & Manoli, A. E. (in-press). Assessment of the service quality measurement model for youth football academies. Sport Marketing Quarterly.
  • Phua, Y. X. P., Pyun, D. Y., & Leng, H. K. (in-press). Cognitive distortions and problem gambling in sports betting. Journal of Gambling Issues.
  • Leng, H. K., Phua, Y. X. P., Pyun, D. Y., H. H. Kwon, & Lin, Y. (in press). Differences between gamblers and non-gamblers on sports betting websites. Journal of Gambling Studies.
  • Kwon, H. H., Pyun, D. Y., & Lim, S. H. (2022). Relationship between team identification and consumption behaviors: Using a meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 869275.
  • Jeoung, B., & Pyun, D. Y. (2022). Investigating physical fitness of older adults in Korea in Period 2013-2016. Scientific Reports, 12, 6073.
  • Zhu, X., Pyun, D. Y., & Manoli, A. E. (2021). Developing a conceptual model of service quality for eSports. Quest, 74(4), 375-390.
  • Lee, H., Brison, N. T., Cho, H., Pyun, D. Y., & Ratten, V. (2021). Adopting new technologies in sports marketing. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 3, 306-308.
  • Behnam, M., Pyun, D. Y., Doyle, J., & Delshab, V. (2021). The impact of consumer knowledge on profitable consumer loyalty through perceived service quality and psychological involvement in non-profit sport clubs. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 22(2), 407-427.
  • Mahmoudian, A., Boroujerdi, S. S., Mohammadi, S., Delshab, V. & Pyun, D. Y. (2021). Testing the impact of athlete brand image attributes on fan loyalty. Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 36(2), 244-255.
  • Delshab, V., Pyun, D. Y., Kerwin, S., & Cegarra, J. G. (2021). The impact of unlearning context on organizational performance through knowledge management: A case of community sport clubs in Iran. Sport Management Review, 24(1), 156-178.
  • Pyun, D. Y., Wang, C. K. J., & Koh, K. T. (2020). Testing a proposed model of perceived cognitive learning outcomes in outdoor education. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 20(3), 230-244.
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  • Chiu, C., & Pyun, D. Y. (2020). Investigating brand image transfer in sport sponsorship of a mass participation event in Singapore. Event Management, 24(2), 263-275.
  • Kwon, H., Choi, K. K., & Pyun, D. Y. (2020). Career development education for college student-athletes: Reflecting NCAA’s programs. The Korea Journal of Sports Science, 29(2), 469-480.