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Professor Mark Lewis is the Dean of the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

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Dr Sam Allen

Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics

Dr Stephen Bailey

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Professor Alan Bairner

Professor of Sport and Social theory

Dr Stephan Bandelow

Visting Fellow in Psychology

Dr Comille Bandura

Research Associate (Understanding the role of alcohol consumption in football cultures)

Dr Jamie Barker

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Charlotte Barradell

Ethics, Regulatory and Compliance Administrator

Dr Laura Barrett

Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Donald Barron

Applied Performance Analysis Lead

Tracey Beaty

Administrative Assistant (Dean of School's Office)

Jo Bebb

Postgraduate Research Administrator

Dr Donna Bentley

Regulatory and Compliance Manager

Dr Gregory Biddle

Research Associate

Cai Birch

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Sport Biomechanics & Motor Control)

Professor Lettie Bishop

Professor of Exercise Immunology

Dr Glen Blenkinsop

Lecturer in Motor Control & Biomechanics of Sport

Professor Barry Bogin

Emeritus Professor of Biological Anthropology

Dr Steven Bradbury

Lecturer in Sport, Equality and Diversity

Eleanor Braithwaite

Technical Officer in Biochemistry

Karl Brennan

University Teacher in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

Dr Andrew Brinkley

Research Associate (Physical Activity and Health)

Harsha Brooks

Programme Administrator

Mj Brown

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Biochemistry)

Dr Dave Burke

Technical Tutor in Sport Biomechanics

Professor Lorraine Cale

Professor in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

Professor Noel Cameron

Emeritus Professor of Human Biology

Dr Ash Casey

Senior Lecturer in Pedagogy

Dr Kristen Clements

Senior Translational Scientist

Dr Stacy Clemes

Reader in Active Living & Public Health

Dr Tom Clifford

Lecturer in Physiology and Nutrition

Dr Janine Coates

Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Research Methods

Jason Cook

University Teacher in Sport and Exercise Science

Dr Ed Cope

Lecturer in Sports Coaching

Dr Silvia Costa

Lecturer in Physical Activity and Public Health

Nick Cox

Technical Tutor (Genetics and Biochemistry)

Jennifer Craig

Research Associate


Professor Chris Cushion

Professor of Coaching & Pedagogy

Professor Amanda Daley

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Estelle Damant

University Teacher in Pedagogy

Dr Owen Davies

Lecturer in Molecular & Regenerative Biomedicine

Dr Valerie Dennehy

Technical Tutor in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Dr Dale Esliger

Reader in Digital Health

Professor John Evans

Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Education and Physical Education

Kate Everest

Student Support Team Manager (Psychology and Biosciences)

Dr Richard Ferguson

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Dr David Fletcher

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Performance Psychology

Professor Jonathan Folland

Professor of Neuromuscular Performance

Dr Daniel Fong

Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Science

Martin Foster

Applied Sport Management Lead

Mark Funnell

Research Associate: Sports Nutrition & Water Balance

Dr Borja Garcia

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management and Policy

Professor Mike Gleeson

Emeritus Professor of Exercise Biochemistry

Dr Kajal Gokal

Senior Research Associate (Snacktivity)

James Goodall

Research, Finance & Management Information Assistant

Tony Goodall

Technical Resources Manager

Professor Adrianne Hardman

Emeritus Professor of Human Exercise Metabolism

Professor Jo Harris

Professor of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

Professor Cheryl Haslam

Professor of Health Psychology

Dr Bill Haug

Strength and Conditioning Lead

Professor George Havenith

Professor of Environmental Physiology and Ergonomics

Dr Liam Heaney

Lecturer in Bioanalytical Science

Professor Ian Henry

Emeritus Professor of Leisure Management and Policy

Dr Michael Hiley

Senior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics and Motor Control

Stephanie Hodson

NCSEM Administrator/Receptionist

+44 (0)1509 225482

NCSEM Reception (0.02)

Sven Hoekstra

Translational Exercise Rehabilitation Scientist

Dr Oliver Hooper

Teaching Associate in Sport Pedagogy

Esther Hope

Communications Officer

Professor Jim Horne

Emeritus Professor of Psychophysiology

Dr Laura Houldcroft

University Teacher in Psychology

Professor Barrie Houlihan

Emeritus Professor of Sport Policy

David Hunter

Technical Tutor in Genetics and Biochemistry (Maternity Cover)

Sam Hurley

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Sport Pedagogy)

Dr Michael Hutchinson

Research Assistant (Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport)

Julie Isherwood

Research Programme Administrator (Snacktivity)

Dr Robin Jackson

Senior Lecturer in Sport Psychology

Janine Jacques

UG Programme Administrator (Sport)

Dr Lewis James

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Lynsey James

Technical Tutor in Physiology

Dr Laura Jenkins

Teaching Associate in Psychology

Dr Will Johnson

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Population Health

Naomi Jones

Regulatory and Safety (Biological and Chemical) Administrator

Dr Jamie Kenyon

Lecturer in Sport Management

Louise Kenyon

Student Support Team Manager (Sport)

Dr Victoria Kettle

Research Associate (PACE Labelling)

Ailish King

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Psychology)


Dr James King

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Professor Mark King

Professor of Sports Biomechanics

Dr Andrew Kingsnorth

University Teacher in Exercise as Medicine

Sarah Kirkham

Partnerships and Administration Manager

Dr Jon Knight

Computer Systems Developer in Biomechanics

Giorgos Krikelis

Senior Technician (Biomechanics & Motor Control)

+44 (0)1509 226440

National Gymnastics Performance and Research Centre, UU 1.09

Dr Christof Leicht

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Professor Mark Lewis

Dean of School and Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Martin Lindley

Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Beth Lomas

PA to the Dean of School

Dr Claire Madigan

Senior Research Associate

Professor Joseph Maguire

Emeritus Professor of Sociology of Sport

Dr Elisavet Argyro Manoli

Senior Lecturer in Sports Marketing and Communications

Dr Oonagh Markey

Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellow

Dr Neil Martin

Lecturer in Cellular & Molecular Biology

Dr Barry Mason

Senior Research Associate (Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport)

Dr Carolynne Mason

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management

Professor Ron Maughan

Emeritus Professor of Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Dr Hilary McDermott

Senior University Teacher in Psychology

Professor Maureen McDonald

Visiting Professor of Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology

Fiona McLaughlin

Programme Administrator (Postgraduate Taught Programmes)

Chris McLeod

University Teacher in Psychology

Dr Stephen Mears

Senior Lecturer in Sports & Exercise Nutrition

Katie Midwood

Technical Officer in Exercise Physiology

Harry Mistry

University Teacher in Quantitative Research Methods

Ranjna Mistry

Learning and Teaching Manager

Emma Mitchell

Research Associate in Skeletal Muscle Respiration

Dr Susana Monserrat-Revillo

University Teacher in Sport Management

Professor Kevin Morgan

Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Callum Mould

Senior Technician in Physiology

Jim Muddimer

Technical Officer in Electronics

Dr Fehmidah Munir

Reader in Health Psychology

Mike Myatt

School Technical Officer Workshop and Facility Support

Anjna Nagar

Administrative Assistant

Han Newman

Research Associate (Promoting Physical Activity in Thalidomide Survivors)

Dr Roger Newport

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Spencer Newport

Technical Tutor in Exercise Physiology

Matt Nickels

Technical Officer (Biological Sciences)

Cormac Nolan

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Sports Biomechanics)

Dr Tom Norris

Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Tom Orrill

Support Services Manager

Dr Emma O'Donnell

Lecturer, Exercise Physiology

Dr Nicola Paine

Lecturer in Health Psychology

Dr Anthony Papathomas

Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Manisha Patel

Enterprise Administrator

Dr Natalie Pearson

Research Associate (Child Development)

Professor Nick Peirce

Honorary Professor in Clinical Sports Medicine

Dr Emily Petherick

Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Dr Joe Piggin

Senior Lecturer in Sport Management & Policy

Dr Carolyn Plateau

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Sue Pluck

Operations Administrator

Dr Rebecca Pradeilles

Senior Research Associate (Public Health Nutrition)

Gheorghe Predescu

University Teacher in Gymnastics

Erin Prior

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Psychology)

Adam Pryor

Translational Scientist E-learning

Dr Emma Pullen

Lecturer in Sport Management

Dr Do Young Pyun

Senior Lecturer in Sport Marketing and Management

Rehaan Rafiq

Student Support Team Manager (Postgraduate Taught)

Dr Daniel Rhind

Reader in Organisational Psychology

Debra Richardson

Programme Manager (Snacktivity)

Dr Rowan Rimington

Lecturer in Neuromuscular Cellular Physiology

Matthew Roberts

Research Associate (Exercise, Inflammation & Chronic Disease)

Kerry Rosenthal

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Statistics and Quantitative Research Methods)

Dr Emily Rousham

Reader in Global Public Health

Samantha Rowland

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Physiology)

Dr Donghyun Ryu

Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Sylvia Salter

Senior Technician in Biological Sciences

Dr James Sanders

Research Associate (Digital Health Technology for Lifestyle Medicine)

Rachel Sanders

UG Programme Administrator (Biosciences and Psychology)

Dr Paul Sanderson

Applied Sport & Exercise Scientist

Dr Rachel Sandford

Senior Lecturer in Young People and Sport

Jayshree Savania

Technical Officer(Anatomy and Physiology)

Mohsen Sayyah

Research Associate (SHIFT)

Dr Lauren Sherar

Reader in Physical Activity and Public Health

Aron Sherry

Research Associate (Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour Physiology)

Kalli Shreves

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant (Psychology & Qualitative Research Methods)

Kate Simpson

NCSEM Receptionist/Administrator

Dr Jakob Škarabot

Lecturer in Neuromuscular Physiology

Paulina Skladanowska

Executive Officer (Postgraduate Taught Programmes)

Debbie Smith

NCSEM East Midlands Receptionist Administrator

Melissa Smith

Executive Officer - Timetabling

Dr Christopher Spray

Reader in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Alison Stanley

Leicester BRC Lifestyle Theme Research Administrator & Patient , Public Involvement Engagement Lead

Michael Steiner

Honorary Clinical Professor

Professor David Stensel

Professor of Exercise Metabolism

Ben Stephenson

Research Assistant (PHC)

Dr Clare Stevinson

Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Aspects of Physical Activity and Health

Dr Julie Stirrup

Lecturer in PE and Sport Pedagogy

Jenny Sutton

School Finance and Office Manager

Sheryl Tailby

Regulatory, Compliance & Safety Administrator

Dr Minhyeok Tak

Lecturer in Sport Management

Dr Ian Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr Lee Taylor

Reader in Exercise & Environmental Physiology

Dr Alice Thackray

Senior Research Associate in Exercise Metabolism

Chris Theobald

Undergraduate Executive Officer

Professor John B Thomas

Emeritus Professor of Educational Studies

Dr Alex Thurston

University Teacher in Sport Management

Dr Keith Tolfrey

Reader in Paediatric Exercise Physiology

+44 (0)1509 226355

HE.2.32 (Clyde Williams)

Professor Vicky Tolfrey

Professor of Applied Disability Sport

Natalie Tyldesley-Marshall

Research Associate (Qualitative Research - Snacktivity)

Harry Waddle

School Marketing Officer

John Warren

University Teacher in Exercise Physiology

+44 (0)1509 223276

Sir John Beckwith JB.0.05

Dr Darren Watts

University Teacher in Sport Coaching and Sport Pedagogy

Dr Patrick Wheeler

Senior Clinical Academic Fellow

Professor Clyde Williams

Emeritus Professor of Sports Science

Emma Williams

NCSEM East Midlands Administrator/Receptionist

Scott Willis

Research Associate (Exercise, Diet and Obesity-related Chronic Disease)

Dr Gemma Witcomb

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Clare Wright

Placements and Work Based Learning Officer

+44(0)1509 228251

The Place (Stewart Mason Building)

Professor Fred Yeadon

Emeritus Professor of Computer Simulation in Sport