Sunayana Vinay

Media, Marketing and Communications Volunteer

Sunyana Vinay

Sunayana is currently undertaking her MSc in Sports Management and has spent the past year as a MMC volunteer for Badminton.

Tell us about your prior experience in media before beginning your role:

I had none actually, I jumped into the role fresh without knowing much about media or handling a camera but was able to learn everything through this experience and role.

What sport were you involved with and what were your main responsibilities?

For badminton, it was working at the BUCS matches and they were usually on Wednesdays, but also going to nationals. Whenever they had matches, I would go to get content but also throughout the week I would help out with anything extra they may have needed.

You got the chance to go to BUCS nationals, what was that experience like?

I got to travel with the team to Nottingham and Sheffield where they won gold and silver. I got to stay with the team and create content and promote the event on social media whilst also getting to watch them play and see how hard they work. The whole team was really welcoming, I never felt like an outsider.

Tell us a little about the mentoring support you received:

It was amazing! Jack Tompkins was my mentor and he was so helpful. Ever since we first got in contact, any time I’ve had any questions whether that’s to do with the camera or my career, he’s always been there to give encouragement and advice, he’s so supportive!

What was your proudest achievement in this role?

Winning the MMC Volunteer of the Year Award has probably been the best achievement throughout my time at Loughborough.

What was your key take away from this role?

As I said I had no experience previously, but now I know how to fully work a camera, taking high quality photos and videos. Also learning how to plan out social media content, learning what followers of Loughborough badminton enjoy seeing the most – whether that’s photos or reels. And also, the overall coordinating with coaches and working with them to plan what content to put out. It’s been a good learning experience for both media and marketing.

How has being a MMC volunteer impacted your career plans?

Before my MMC role, I didn’t have any goals towards sports media as a career, but through the role I’ve realised social media and content creation is in the forefront right now, it’s something I want to do as a career, alongside events or sports marketing and this role has allowed me to explore these avenues.

What would you say to someone thinking of applying for a MMC role?

If you come across a MMC role, apply for it. It’s a fantastic experience, you get to travel and experience lots of events. If you love being around sport, then you’ll love a MMC role.

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