CVA Bursary Scheme

Would you like to be considered for funding support? See below.

Who can apply?

Categories of who can apply for support:

  • Undergraduate students: this includes students studying a Foundation Degree
  • Postgraduates: this includes both Masters and PHD students
  • Loughborough College Students: can apply only if they are on an HE degree programme that is accredited by Loughborough University
  • Loughborough Staff members: This includes members of staff who volunteer within Loughborough Sport Programmes and need qualifications as part of their role
  • PGCE students: This includes students that demonstrate volunteer work in extra-curricular activities outside their mandatory role as a PGCE student

What can you apply for?

Volunteers may apply for funding to help them continue their voluntary role in one of our strands. These include: Coaching, Officiating, Events Management, Media Marketing and Communications and Performance Support.

Categories of the things you can claim for:

  • Qualifications
  • Accreditations
  • Conferences
  • Workshops, Seminars or Masterclasses
  • Continuing Professional Development opportunities (CPDs)
  • Employability fund - This includes volunteers who require support outside of the CVA strands, and their voluntary role does not form part of their volunteer work, but the individual is seeking a development opportunity to enhance their employability skills

With all of the above, volunteers must demonstrate in their application which strand they belong to and what category they would like to claim for. 

Conditions for receiving funding

To receive funding you MUST:

  • Have a CVA profile on the CVA Portal
  • Have logged all voluntary hours as part of the role you are doing (or commit to do so)
  • Be willing to attend any follow up meetings and report to the CVA
  • Sign a volunteer agreement
  • Provide feedback and evaluation to the CVA


The CVA will consider each application on a case-by-case basis and all funding support is subject to available budget. For more information on how much you can claim, click on the button below

Review Dates

All applications will be reviewed every 2 months. These are the upcoming dates for 2023/24:


Wednesday 18th October

Wednesday 13th December

Wednesday 21st February

Wednesday 17th April

Wednesday 19th June


Please note; if you need to pay for your course in advance of any of the dates shown i.e the review date is on the 17th of November but you might have to pay before then, then you are still eligible to be reimbursed based on your application. This is a risk you might have to take. In general, our advice is for you to ask yourself: would you go on the course even if you did not get funding support?