Loughborough Students Shooting is open to people of all abilities, from novices to experienced shots. The club can provide equipment for those who do not have their own. It is not a requirement to have your own gun licence.

Athletic Union Club

Loughborough Students Shooting Club is a club which is open to any ability and any level of interest in the sport of clay pigeon shooting. The sport involves shooting a cartridge which contains many small lead balls or “shot” which disperse when fired towards a clay pigeon (which itself is released from a trap). These clay pigeons depending on the trap settings can vary in speed, height, and direction. The clay pigeon is also susceptible to the weather i.e. wind, allowing for a quicker or larger variation of movement. If the shooter has a direct hit on the clay it will disappear into a small cloud of clay in the air, or if a less direct hit occurs the clay will fracture into smaller pieces – however, a hit is a hit and if you miss, that is space for improvement, and we welcome all of these.

The club is fortunate to own 8 shotguns, which we shoot at ‘Lakeside Sporting’, the shooting club we go to every week.

Shooting is a very social sport and so as a club we love our socials. We try to do a social every week and love to see as many people as possible going to them, as it is a perfect situation for you to catch up with people you may have not seen in a while and to also increase the number of people you know at Loughborough University.

Prices per shoot:
To shoot 25 cartridges it will cost around £15.00 (breakdown: 25 cartridges £7.50 25 clays £7.25)
To shoot 50 cartridges it will cost around £30.00 (breakdown: 50 Cartridges £15.00 50 clays £14.50)
Exclaimer: you do not have to shoot every week – only when you want to.

We have no set fixed teams. But when it comes to competing in BUCS we will select the best shooters for each team we are allowed to enter.  When it comes to friendly competitions e.g. non-BUCS, it will be first come first served. 

Training frequency

We train every Wednesday at ‘Lakeside Sporting’, about a 20-minute car journey from Loughborough University.If there is an interest in Rifle Shooting this year, we will arrange a training timetable with our Rifle Sec.

Exclaimer: ear plugs will be supplied for free if member does not have any.

How to join

For more information on how to join our club, come and visit us at the Loughborough University Sports Bazaar on campus on Saturday 30th September 2023.