Gymnastics at Loughborough caters for beginners, intermediates and elites who wish to train hard and improve as gymnasts.

Athletic Union Club

We have three different squads available. The first is the Development squad, which is for those who have never tried gymnastics before. Next is our Standard squad, which is for more advanced gymnasts who will be expected to compete at BUCS, they will also have more training hours than the Development squad. Lastly, we have our Elite team which is for gymnasts who want to compete at the highest level. In this squad, we have gymnasts from all over the world training with us. By being a member of the Elite squad, you will be expected to train six times per week.

Coaching our squads is previous Romanian National Centre for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics coach Gheorghe Predescu, who has over 35 years of experience in coaching gymnastics.

My Lifestyle

Gymnastics is also available through the My Lifestyle initiative, where you can give the sport a go and have loads of fun at the same time.