Support and Development

One of the main aims of Loughborough’s Coach & Volunteer Academy is to provide & deliver a high-quality programme of student development through sport that includes personal & professional development, employability skills and career progression for all volunteers.


The Coach & Volunteer Academy offers a range of additional opportunities for volunteers to develop outside of their voluntary roles at Loughborough with the idea of making sure our student volunteers are as equipped as they can be, for when their time at Loughborough comes to an end.

What we Offer

Masterclasses and Workshops

Throughout the year, the Coach & Volunteer Academy aim to bring in a number of industry experts to deliver a range of engaging workshops. Some of these workshops are specific to their section of the industry and our strands, but many of them are put on to increase our volunteer’s employability skills in the sport’s industry.

These sessions are also a great way to network with other volunteers and leading professionals in the sports industry!

Industry Recognised Qualifications

Many of our strands will offer internationally recognised qualifications to our volunteers, all of which will be provided at a subsidised rate, but with the vast majority being completely free of charge!

Over the past few years we have offered an array of Coaching and Officiating qualifications in a number of different sports, we have also offered qualifications in our Gym, Health & Fitness and our Sport Science strands.

Employability Series and Talk Sport Conference 

We have linked up with a company called Switch the Play to deliver a number of employability workshops throughout the year for our student volunteers to attend. Our role within the Coach & Volunteer Academy is to make sure our students are as employable as they can be when they are ready to leave Loughborough, these employability workshops give the students the best opportunity to maximise this.

Each year, we work in partnership with the University’s Careers Network to deliver a student conference based around starting a career in the sports industry called Talk Sport. We invite a number of Loughborough Alumni that are working in the Sports industry to deliver a range of engaging workshops to our students, as well as housing a traditional sporting career fair.

Leadership Programme 

The Coach & Volunteer Academy Leadership programme is a bespoke, fully funded programme aimed at providing a number of our student volunteer leads with generic and transferable tools and knowledge to become better leaders of their sports, programmes and committees.

The programme is designed around a number of leadership topics including; motivation, leadership styles, communication, team building etc. with each session designed and delivered in a fun and interactive way using practical activities to ensure students fully understand the theory.

On completion of the core sessions students are then invited to take part in a two day residential camp which allows the students to be pushed outside of their comfort zone and to put into practice the new skills and knowledge.

We partner with a leadership company called “IF Development” to deliver this bespoke package, their previous clients include the Welsh Rugby Union,

Work Experience & Industrial Placements 

The Coach & Volunteer Academy work in partnership with a number of organisations and national governing bodies to provide opportunities for our students to gain work experience and industrial placements in the sporting industry.

The Coach & Volunteer Academy staff are there to provide all volunteers with support and guidance, whether this relates to a specific voluntary role, placement opportunities, or external work experience.

Come and speak to one of our staff or email to find our more.

Don’t Just Hear it from us!

“The Leadership Academy that the Coach & Volunteer Academy presented was the best that I had experienced in my time at university. The skills I gained were instantly applicable to both my voluntary roles and wider life and I will carry the knowledge throughout my career and refine the techniques suggested”

Rob Forster - Athletic Union Executive Member

How to get involved?

To find out more on how to get involved in the Coach & Volunteer Academy, visit our “How to get involved” page.