Rugby Union

Loughborough Students RFC & Loughborough Lightning - Home to 9 teams and 300+ players


Loughborough Rugby is a world-class centre of excellence for rugby development within the Higher Education setting. Whether you’re at the top of your game or want to play for fun, we proudly deliver a programme that enables personal development and success both on and off the pitch. As a club we are proud of our track record in bringing players through the University system and into the professional game and beyond.

Loughborough Rugby Mission

To consistently identify, develop and produce the best individuals in Higher Education. Our philosophy as a programme is that the ‘person’ is more important than the ‘player’ and for those who are part of the programme, we promote both social growth and educational success alongside rugby development.

Loughborough Rugby Aims

To provide the highest quality coaching by qualified staff, giving each player the best opportunity to succeed.

To provide the most appropriate individual development, mentoring and support programs.

To provide the best possible facilities for our players to succeed.

To provide the opportunity for Loughborough students to continue in rugby or higher education.

Our Programmes