Kung Fu

Kung Fu at Loughborough involves a mixture of traditional techniques, modern self-defence and fitness. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to those with previous martial arts experience.

Athletic Union Club

Our club teaches Hung Kuen Kung Fu which is a traditional Chinese martial art, and one of the five major southern styles of Chinese Kung Fu. 

Our weekly sessions are coached by our black belt instructors, all of which have several years of martial arts experience.

Our training is very diverse and allows you to improve your health as well as confidence in yourself and your abilities. We currently offer three 2-hour sessions per week and a 2-hour free practice on Fridays. We train in the dedicated Martial Arts Centre.

We do not compete in BUCS, but we do compete in the Hung Kuen Five Animals Shaolin Kung Fu Championships in Manchester and host and compete in the Loughborough Championships. Both competitions are attended by sister clubs from multiple other universities.