Polo at Loughborough is a great way to carry on horse riding whilst at University, and our aim is to provide you with a great social and sporting experience. We cater for all abilities, so both beginners and advanced riders are welcome.

Athletic Union Club

Polo is a team sport played on horseback. The objective of the sport is to score goals against an opposing team, where players score by driving a small plastic or wooden ball into the opposing team’s goal. This is done by using a long-handled mallet. Each polo team consists of four riders and their mounts.

Even if you have never played polo before, it is a great sport to try as it is challenging and fun for everyone involved. We offer weekly lessons to help improve your game and these take place at Rugby Polo Club. The club has a wide selection of horses and some great instructors to guide you through polo and the rules and the skills required. They also offer practice matches and friendlies against other Universities who also train at the Polo Club, so it is a great way to play polo and socialise. Lessons are priced at student prices, so you don't need to worry about the sport being expensive.

Each year, there are two major competitions run by Schools and Universities Polo Association (SUPA). These are the winter and summer nationals which occur mid-February and mid-June respectively. Both consist of four days of playing polo against other Universities from all over the country. We enter teams at all levels so even if you have just started polo you are still able to compete at nationals. This is a great opportunity to play polo competitively against other universities and socialise with like-minded people. We also enter many other tournaments and friendlies throughout the year so there is always an opportunity to compete.