Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball at Loughborough offers an inclusive programme giving you the chance to maximise your development, try something new or just have fun. Whether you are at the top of your game or want to play recreationally everyone is welcome!

Athletic Union Club 

The AU Wheelchair Basketball club is especially unique because it is the first of its kind to drive for greater inclusivity within Loughborough Sport, as part of the Parasport Initiative. This means that anyone regardless of experience or ability, can play, learn new skills and positively contribute to the club’s growth. Also, we are excited to announce that for those of you who enjoy the competitive spotlight, Loughborough Students Wheelchair Basketball looks to sharpen the competitive edge for sporting excellence by being freshly introduced into the BUCS programme.    

Our club prides itself on a culture of progressive learning and enjoyment which acts to embrace diversity as a core strategy to optimise learning and performance. For this to happen and for you to reap the full benefits of what our Wheelchair Basketball Club has to offer, we ask for your co-operation and commitment to the Club’s success, starting by attending our taster sessions. Look out for us at the Freshers’ Bazaar during Freshers for further details on how to get involved! We would greatly appreciate your feedback as this is critical for us to improve the quality and success of the club.

We look forward to having you as part of the AU Loughborough Students Wheelchair Basketball Club!

Hall Sport (IMS)

You can compete for your halls of residence in a free Wheelchair Basketball One Day Event on campus. This is a chance for student to get involved in wheelchair basketball and an opportunity to be scouted for the Athletic Union (AU) club.

My Lifestyle

This fun and inclusive session is open to anyone of any ability, who wants to give wheelchair basketball a go! Our sessions are led by a qualified Activator who will teach you the basics and have you playing with confidence in no time.